Great Restaurants Near MacArthur Airport


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Aug 30, 2013

Great Restaurants Near MacArthur Airport


Air Travel can be stressful, tiring and taxing.   Delays, cramped seating, altitude shifts and a multitude of other inconveniences usually highlight the negative side of flying but the hands down worst thing most complained about by airline passengers is the food.  Airplane food is terrible.   Even if you’re starving the selections offered during flight are rarely an option even for the heartiest of eaters (this is in part the reason many airlines have done away with the customary mid-flight meal).  So when you land after that long tiring flight, your most likely groggy, cranky and famished, that’s why we have put together this little guide of good places to eat near popular airports.  Hear are three amazing eateries near long island’s MacArthur airport.


Thai Angel.  Thai Angel located at 1812 Veterans Hwy. in Islandia.  Thai Angel is beautiful and traditional in both its ambiance and fare.  Artful South-east Asian décor highlights their gorgeous dining room and imparts a feeling of tranquility and peace.  The food is phenomenal.   In traditional Thai cooking the five main flavors are salty, sweet, sour, bitter and hot, all of these elements are represented by fresh and simple ingredients that are used in different proportions to produce a wide range of savory and delicious dishes.  If you like Thai food (and even if you don’t) Thai Angel is not to be missed.


Takara Japanese Restaurant.  Chef and owner Sho San is dedicated to offering only the freshest and best sushi and sashimi selections to his patrons.   The décor is simple and traditional but Takara shines when it comes to chef Sho San’s incredible sushi menu.  Open 7 days a week and operated by the proud owner the service and food at Takara is second to none.  The freshest ingredients, inviting atmosphere and accommodating staff make this a haven for weary airline travelers.


Ghost Chili Mexican Grill.  Home of the Ghost Chili Challenge, for those of you who don’t know the ghost chili is the hottest chili known to man, its level of potency is just below common pepper spray.  The challenge is to consume a burrito made with their signature ghost chili salsa in under ten minutes with no drink and wait 5 minutes after to endure the after burn.  Winners get their teary-eyed picture put on the wall and a free ghost chili T-shirt.  In additional to this unique challenge (due to the potency of the ghost chili it is hard to find a restaurant that will serve them) the food here is excellent.  A true burrito bar but with tons of options to build your own spicy masterpiece, Ghost Chili Mexican Grill is a cut above its contemporaries.  If you like spicy Mexican food check out this growing franchise. 


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by Jarrad Kulick