Grace Under Pressure: Managing Your Business Through A Crisis


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Nov 07, 2012

Ten days after Hurricane Sandy touched down on the Tri-State area many businesses – small, medium and large are getting back to normal, or are finding their new normal. Whatever phase your company or business is in the two most important factors that need to be considered are your employees and your clients.

All Star Limousine

Trusted and loyal employees are the backbone of any successful organization. Some employees may have suffered the worst with their lives being washed away with the Hurricane, others may be without electric for weeks or months. Being an understanding employer will be necessary at this time of crisis. Communicating with each employee to assess the magnitude of their damage, and implementing an individual and effective employment plan will help your employees manage stress, and give them a sense of security in a time that seems unstable.

Each employee may have different needs, one might need extra personal or vacation days (without being docked) to work with FEMA, contractors or insurance adjustors; others may need a little more flexibility in their schedule as living without electric or living outside their home requires more time to get out the door, some might need extra time at lunch to wait on long gas line, and others might need their employer to have a higher level of patience’s because they are working remotely out of a local Starbucks, hotel or make-shift satellite office as they work-out the growing pains of their new surroundings.

Developing individual employment plans, providing guidelines, keeping the lines of communication open and helping your employees understand that business has to resume as best a possible despite the added stress of the current conditions will in the long run help your business grow; employee satisfaction, building a strong back-bone of support and loyalty is what every successful company needs.

Keeping your brand identity, and client service at the same level of expertise at time of crisis can be difficult as well. Educate all employees, create a positive but honest message that will be delivered to each client, advising the client: of any specific limitations to client service or business procedures, when the business expects to become fully operational and what 'workarounds' are being implemented will continue to foster and grow your brand loyalty; by effectively and continually communicating with clients, and not hiding behind the crisis will demonstrate that the company is providing the same level of superior service that the client expects, and that your company is working towards the goal of becoming fully operational in the time allowed.

Hurricane Sandy has caused severe damage to the foundation of many, while it will be difficult to rebuild a business, or home, over time it will prove not to be impossible. The same principles (hard work, perseverance, and courage) that were employed to build that business, making a house into a home will prove true for the stages of rebuilding that most are going through at this time of crisis. 



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