The 5 Ingredients for a Limo Contract You Can Trust


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Aug 18, 2012

A Complete Guide to Limo Contracts

you deserve a clean limo service and a contract you can rely onThe amount of detail that goes into a limo service contract can be a great indicator of whether or not you've made a reliable choice. As a basic rule of thumb, the longer the contract and the more questions the company is willing to answer, the better your chances of a successful event. A smart consumer never wants to be kept in the dark about what kind of car will be picking them up, where or when. Learn the right questions to ask your limo service representative to make sure your big day out in New York is memorable in a good way.

1. Car Details

If you're not sure what year the car picking you up is, be sure to ask. If you're renting a limousine, you've got every right to expect luxury. If the New York limousine company isn't willing to share details on the year, make or model, take this as a serious red flag. Unless you've specifically requested a vintage ride, your limousine should be manufactured in this century. If you're feeling a little unclear on details of the ride you're paying for, don't hesitate to ask the limo company to share a bit more info.

2. Realistic Price

Unfortunately, you can't always trust the price you're quoted by some unreliable limousine service companies. You want the price listed on the contract to be the final price you owe, no exceptions. Ask the limo company directly if they're hiding any fees, including driver gratuity. It's always smart to sign a limo contract well in advance of your big day, but you shouldn't have to deal with hidden fees at the last moment. A trustworthy New York limo provider will quote you a price that you can budget for.

3. A Pick-Up Time You Can Count On

Whether you're headed to the church to get married or an important business meeting, chances are that you can't afford to be a minute late. A reputable New York limo company knows that their customers' time is precious and will do whatever it takes to get you where you need to be, on time. Ask the company whether they'll have you where you need to be on time. If they start obfuscating or tell you that it depends on how their driver's day is going, you shouldn't settle for second best. Make sure your New York limo contract includes some details about when you can expect to meet the driver, no exceptions.

4. A Squeaky-Clean Car

Not every group that rides in a limo is clean, but that doesn't mean you should have to suffer or walk around with chewing gum stuck to your wedding shoes. Reputable New York limo companies are committed to transporting their clients in a clean car, each and every time. If you step into the vehicle and can tell the last party ate chow mein for lunch, it can ruin the big day. Reliable New York limo service companies are committed to sending out cars that are squeaky-clean, each and every time.

5. Cancellation Policy

It's not breaking superstition to ask the New York limo company about their cancellation policy, it's just good sense. Even if you don't want to think about, sometimes events need to be called off. Freak weather and other disasters can happen, and you should know what to expect ahead of time. Ask your New York limo representative about their cancellation policy to avoid any last-minute surprises.

A New York limo company you can trust will never make their customers feel bad about asking questions. If you're feeling uncertain about details of the big day, asking for a little more info is always the best plan. From an on-time pickup to the perfect modern or vintage ride you envisioned, a great limo contract leaves no room for unpleasant surprises.