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Aug 23, 2012

Frequent flyers often have a well-developed knowledge of exceptional dining near major airports. Between sub-par plane food and boring fast food choices in the terminal, the first stop for your JFK limo just might be for some cuisine. If you're looking for dining stops for your JFK limo that won't disappoint, we've compiled a list of the top 5 restaurants within miles of the airport:

top restaurant options for your jfk limo

Lindenwood Diner

This restaurant within miles of JFK airport specializes in the "Best Baked Goods in Brooklyn", corporate catering and a deep menu of Carribean and Latin-American influenced options. Many of Lindenwood Diner's best eats are the most authentic. The Mofongo, fried plantain stuffed with chicken, is a Central-American favorite, while the Jerked Filet of Salmon blends Jamaica and New England in a single bite. The restaurant also boasts a full bar, with a specialty cocktail menu of Central-American favorites. Best of all, Lindenwood Diner offers WI-FI, free parking for JFK limos and extended hours: food is served until midnight on weeknights and until 3am on weekends.

Don Peppe

Long a well-kept secret for authentic New York Italian, the string of JFK limos outside Don Peppe's restaurant are a strong indicator of hot spot's dedicated following. Though the stark interior decor may initially seem like an odd choice for executive travelers, the linguine with clam sauce, wine list and baked claims are outstanding. Portions are always generous, and large groups can order entrees family style. Be warned that wait times can run long for a taste of Don Peppe's famous marinara, and the restaurant only accepts cash.


If you're hoping to keep your diet on track during executive travel, Matteo's may be the best option for your JFK limo dining. The authentic Italian restaurant offers a wide array of light dining options, including low-carb Italian fare: diners can nosh low-carb linguine made from thin-cut, fresh zucchini or indulge in a wise serving of chicken breast over vegetables. Matte's is an outstanding choice with authentic Italian options for even vegetarians and gluten-free eaters.If you're hoping to indulge, the Alla Vodka with Prosciutto is always a hit. Matteo's typically offers dinner between 5pm and 10pm weeknights, 5 and 11pm weekends.

London Lennie's

A local favorite for seafood, London Lennie's is a strong, local dining choice for your JFK limo. The menu includes whole, large lobster on a daily basis and a number of world cuisine-inspired entrees including fish tacos and wonton-crusted Florida grouper. Large groups are welcome at the restaurant, which offers private dining and catering by reservation. Lennie's offers a number of lighter options, including salads and plenty of veggies. If experiencing new england seafood is a priority, London Lennie's is a excellent option for dining near JFK. Reservations and business casual attire are strongly encouraged.

The Door

A top choice for adventurous diners by JFK limo, The Door is a outstanding Jamaican restaurant within miles of the airport. Dining options run from the familiar, including pepper shrimp, garlic bread and curry chicken to the more exotic. Jamaican natives and fans of Central American cuisine swear by The Door's Oxtail stew, saltfish and curry goat. Dining is affordable and the menu includes a balance of options even suitable for children. Reservations are encouraged, and casual attire is welcome.

New York's food scene is renowned worldwide, though frequent travelers to JFK international often complain about the lack of accessible, late-night food options near the terminal. Even if you're landing at 10PM, options for your JFK limo aren't limited to 24-hour donut shops or fast food. Between authentic Italian, Central-American options and seafood, you can indulge or keep your diet on track even late at night.