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Is The Client ALWAYS Right?

Posted On: September 27, 2012

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Yes, the Client IS ALWAYS RIGHT that rule is steadfast and should never be broken but it's also important for service related companies to realize that providing rock-solid Client Service is essential to your business, especially in today's climate where clients have so many avenues to broadcast a bad experience, it's the only way to ensure that the integrity of their brand is not tarnished on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube or any other medium, damage like that can never be forgotten.

Here at All Star Limo's we abide by our Top 8 Client Services Rules, they guarantee brand loyalty, brand identity, and great Client Service, and how do we know this? Because we are a 24/7 company, we practice these rules on a daily basis, these are the foundations of our business, and the rules we live by. 

Top 8 Client Service Rules 

  1. Communication Is Key. Listening to your clients needs and what they want will help you drive revenue; be honest in all your communications, advising your clients on the how's and why's of your business procedures will let them know what to expect from your company which will alleviate all the unknowns that a client may fear.

  2. Your Clients Are VIP's. Treat your clients as individuals and with respect, each client should walk away from their experience with your company feeling good and that they can trust your company will provide outstanding service every time they do business with you.

  3. Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo. The client is always right, and should always win. Listen to and value your clients complaints, even though they might be wrong, a client complaint will always be an avenue for your client service team to learn; educating and training your client service team on how to apologize, and manage an irate client is just as important – if your client service representatives can communicate an effective apology, find a viable solution in an efficient manner, that will leave a positive impression on your client forever, no matter how big that snafu was. 

  4. You're The Pro. Remember you are the expert, act like it! Your client is giving you their business because they believe in you; believe in your business, don't accept mediocracy, know that there are no boundaries to taking your business to the next level; your clients will appreciate it, as will your bottom line.

  5. Great Quality Service. Providing great quality service is up to your employees but treating your employees well is up to you. Treat your employees like your clients, providing your employees with positive feedback, respect and treating them to a “Thank-You” lunch once a month is a sure-fire way of projecting those feel-good feelings onto your clients.

  6. Go The Extra Mile. Stepping out of the box every now and again is worth it's weight in gold. If a client has a special request that you can deliver easily and without costing too much, then go for it, creating positive experiences will translate into repeat business and will guarantee referrals.

  7. Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean. If you are a 24/7 business, then be a 24/7 business; if you only use organic apples to make your apple pies only use organic apples. Make promises that your company can keep, otherwise you will lose your clients trust, and business.

  8. Be Consistent. Your clients should expect the same level of superior service every time they return, if there are any changes to policy or procedure communicate (see number 1) them to your clients, information is power!

All Star Limos has provided exceptional luxury transportation in Long Island, New York City and Worldwide for over 25 years. Wherever your journey may take you, an AllStar limo can make all the difference in the world. Please contact us to reserve limo service for executive travel, New York weddings or any other special event.




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iPads Invade Corporate Travel Services!

Posted On: September 20, 2012

All Star Limousine takes Corporate Travel Services to the next level.

iPads and Corporate Travel Services? YES iPads! All Star Limousines is the first company on Long Island, New York to equip their fleet of luxury vehicles with iPads, installing the iPads in their fleet of 2013 Lincoln MKT Town Cars, Mercedes S550's, Lincoln Navigator L's, Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Mercedes G-5 Sprinters, Ford Tiffany Mobile Meeting Vans, 35 Passenger GMC Krystal Shuttles, Luxury Coach's, and the Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo's not only speeds up the efficiency of each client transaction but it also helps All Star Limo's stay aligned with their environmental and go-green initiatives.


2013 MKT Lincoln Town Car with All Star Limo's new iPads!

Chris Mungavin, All Star Limousines Operations Manager stated that “distributing the iPads to our Chauffeurs helps us stay ahead of the curve, but also equips our expert drivers with the state-of-the-art technology that will help them navigate some of the most congested roads in the Tri-State area, the instant live Google traffic reports and GPS tools should alleviate some of the stress of driving. Our experienced Chauffeurs will have flawless transactions, easily managing the reporting process by providing each client with an instant receipt that is emailed directly to them. The new technology aligns with All Star Limousines initiative to go-green as well, paperless receipts help reduce the amount of paper that is used, and the data from every transaction is fed directly into our secure database. I also believe the iPads will elevate the security of our Chauffeur's and clients, as the Chauffeur greets each client with the iPad they will sign them in, the data will be transferred instantly to our databases which will let us know when each client has entered the vehicle, where and when they arrived safely.”

The iPads will be securely mounted into every fleet of the All Star Limousines line of luxury vehicles, the access will be easy and safe for our Chauffeurs to use, safety is the first priority! The iPads will also be removal so each Chauffeur can professionally greet their guests at the desired location. All Star Limos, will bring their service to the next level, not only will the Chauffeurs be more efficient while they are carrying clients to their desired location, navigating the busy airports and roadways, but each Chauffeur can now act as a personal concierge, with the iPads the Chauffeurs can assist their executive clients with instant access to each City's airport check-ins, flight status, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and directions.

“With technology changing almost on a daily basis, it's important for All Star Limousines to ensure that they are “up-to-speed” with every bit of technology that there is to offer”, states Jim Powers, President, “especially if this new technology will continue to bring the level of expertise that our clients expect, and what we have built our business on, All Star Limousines, continues to set the standard in executive and luxury travel services.”

 So, yes, iPads and Corporate Travel go hand-in-hand!




Explore Long Island's Wineries With All Star Limousines

Posted On: September 17, 2012

 Long Island WineriesAs the dog days of summer come to an end it's time to pack up the beach toys, put away the beach chairs and think about some of the exciting fall events happening at the Long Island Wineries.

With over 35 wineries on the east end of Long Island hosting live music events, private wine tours, and tasting the fabulous local wines, the only way to explore the Long Island Wineries is to take an All Star Limo Wine Tour!  

When you tour a Long Island Winery with All Star Limos you don’t just get dropped off, you get the All Star treatment! Let our wine tour experts design a package especially for you. They help you select the winery that’s perfect for your visit by expertly guiding you through the selection process. Want a DJ and free BBQ at Vineyard 48? An exclusive behind the scenes tour of Pindar? Would you rather get in some exercise and stretch your legs on a vineyard walk? Looking to become a wine maker for a day and create your own bottle of wine at Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard? Or maybe you want to taste some special vodka at Long Island Vodka? And if you’re looking to spend the day with your family we can help you choose one of our select wineries that are located across from one of Long Island's largest farms, here you can enjoy some delicious wine and listen to some great music while your children run through a corn maze or find that special pumpkin that they just have to carve.

Designing your day to fit your occasion is what separates All Star Limos from all the typical wine tours on Long Island. Our wine tour experts take care of everything to make your day memorable, besides handling the driving so you can enjoy yourself stress free, they’ll book your reservations and if that isn’t enough they’ll even arrange for a boxed lunch from the delicious Panera Bread!

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a newbie, the most exciting and fun way to explore the local Long Island wineries is to take a wine tour with All Star Limos; relax in the safety and comfort of one of our beautiful luxury limousines, party buses, or specialty cars, some of our packages can also include a host, leave it to All Star Limos to make your day a special one!


                 Long Island Wine Council                         Long Island Wine Council App! Download It Today!



We are part of the Long Island Wine Council; find out about all the special events and information about the Long Island Wineries right at your fingertips! You can also find information about local restaurants, attractions, and overnight accommodations if you plan to extend your visit!

Celebrating an up-coming nupital? Special anniversary? Milestone birthday? Family reunion? Selecting a luxury party buses will accommodate all your needs; visit our fleet of vehicles that safely carries over 50 guests! 

Find out more about All Star Limousines Long Island Wine Tours Today!



How to Hire a Rockstar New York Limo Service

Posted On: September 08, 2012

FAQ About NYC Limo Service 

There's just no place in the world that compare to New York. Between the cultural diversity and jam-packed events calendar, there's always something going on. Transportation is an issue, and with the recent 17% increase in NYC cab fare, many natives of the big apple are starting to look towards chauffeured transportation as a real option for getting around town. If you're new to the New York limo scene, that's fine: we've compiled a list of the best questions everyone should use while interviewing a limo service:

learn answers to faq about New York Limousines

1. What is Included in My Price?

If budget is a concern, it's important to make sure you get an accurate estimate of the cost before you're facing a final check. Ask your New York limo service if their quote has any hidden fees, and what's included. Sometimes, the cost of the car isn't the whole charge. You need to consider chauffeur gratuity, taxes, parking fees and fuel surcharges. New York limo service is often more affordable than you think, but it's important to make sure the first quote tells the whole story.

2. Do I Need to Book My Limo Weeks in Advance?

While this answer can vary widely between ground transportation companies, limo service doesn't typically need too much notice. While prom night, homecoming dance, graduation weekends and wedding season can be extremely busy for limo companies, most locals can reserve chauffeured sedan or SUV service with no more than a day's notice. Don't discount limo service as an option just because you're making last-minute plans. 

3. What if I Don't Have an Itinerary?

Turns out, renting a New York limo without solid plans in place is actually one of the best ways to take advantage of the car service. When you're navigating the big apple by cab or public transportation, your schedule is too often dictated by needing to wait. When you reserve a few hours of service, the city is at your fingertips. Whether your dinner reservations run late or you spend a few extra hours at the bridal salon trying on dresses, the car will be ready to continue along the journey when you are.

4. What if I Want to Get Out of Town?

Unlike city buses, New York limos aren't just limited to a specific geographic area. If you're looking to get out of the city for a weekend or afternoon, chauffeured transportation could be your best option. You could rent a cab, but why? It's just so much easier to let a professional driver spend the day dealing with the GPS so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your precious time off. Whether your idea of a great time is a Long Island wine tour or heading out to do a few hours of fishing, Chauffeured transportation is among the most luxurious, convenient and simple ways to make the journey.

5. How Can I Use New York Limo Service?

Truth is, the options for limo service are really only as limited as your imagination. Any time your journey is too long to walk or too important to place in the hands of a cab or subway, limo service can be a real asset. Besides, it's fun to enjoy a little luxury once in a while. While most New Yorkers use limousines for airport transfers, weddings, date nights and bachelor parties, the options don't stop there by any means. Use limo service for a morning of shopping with your girlfriends, a crawl of gastropubs in Brooklyn or rolling up to see the Jets play in style. 

AllStar Limo has provided exceptional luxury transportation in Long Island, New York City and Worldwide for over 30 years. Wherever your journey may take you, an AllStar limo can make all the difference in the world. Please contact us to reserve limo service for executive travel, New York weddings or any other special event.


The Best Photo Destinations for Your New York Wedding

Posted On: September 06, 2012

New York Limo Weddings

Best New York limo photo destinationsNew York is known as one of the most photogenic areas in the nation. Make photos from your wedding pop by heading to at least one of the region's gorgeous landmarks by New York limo for your photo shoot. Outdoor wedding shots can yield gorgeous lighting, and mixing in some local landmarks is a classy way to display your New York pride. From Brooklyn to Chinatown, here are some great photo destinations for your wedding shoot:

Grand Army Plaza

Brooklyn's famous arch stands over 80 feet tall, an imposing granite structure that features brass statues of former US Presidents. The arch serves as an entryway from the city to Brooklyn's Prospect Park, giving a backdrop of lush, green trees for your New York wedding shots. After using the arch to frame your wedding photographs, head into Prospect Park for some more stunning scenery. There really isn't a bad time of year to have photos taken in this area. Spring will yield some beautiful blooms, including red tulips and pink plum blossoms, that will perfectly enhance memories of your Long Island wedding.

Fort Tryon Park

Between the Bronx region and the Hudson river is one of the top photo destinations for outdoor shots of your wedding. Fort Tryon Park is a 66-acre green space on top of a hill, offering a panorama of the big city. Though New York is filled with gorgeous parks, Fort Tryon is a top choice because of the wide variety of structures and backdrops available within the area. Whether you're hoping to pose with greenery or Romanesque architecture, the park offers endless options for your wedding shoot. Many of the ancient-looking buildings were actually transported from Europe and reassembled, offering the perfect, medieval setting for New York wedding photographers.


If you'd like to add some urban edge to photos of your New York wedding, Chinatown can offer a bustling backdrop of activity. Chinatown is always colorful and crowded, and the bright colors of the banners and building fronts will offer striking contrast in your shots. Check out the region's Chatham square for a wide-open area flanked by a wide array of urban architecture.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island ferry has been a New York favorite since 1905, and if you're not afraid of looking a little windblown in shots of your New York wedding, the ferry could offer 25-minutes of amazing photo ops. Views from the top deck during the 25-minute ferry ride include the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Whether you're hoping to add a nautical element or full New York panorama to your photos, the Staten Island Ferry is a top photo destination for local weddings.

The Guggenheim

Ever since the major art museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959, the Guggenheim has been one of the most talked-about and visually striking New York landmarks. If you or your fiance are fans of modern art or abstraction, taking a few photos to commemorate your New York wedding in front of the Guggenheim is a must. The spiraling shape of this major art museum is among the most unique photo destinations in town.

Few major cities in the world can beat New York's most photogenic destinations. From abstract architecture to pristine green spaces, the region has an enormous number of choices for shooting your entire wedding party. Whether you're hoping to get some urban or nature pictures, you'll find the perfect photo destinations in town. Spend a day exploring the region in a New York limo with your wedding party and a talented local photographer.

AllStar Limo has provided exceptional luxury transportation in Long Island, New York City and Worldwide for over 30 years. Wherever your journey may take you, an AllStar limo can make all the difference in the world. Please contact us to reserve limo service for executive travel, New York weddings or any other special event.

Photo Courtesy of LI Party Rides