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Oct 21, 2013

Concierge service


True luxury concierge service can be an experience in and of itself.  Often thought of as an excess or an extra, concierge service can be an invaluable advantage to the travelling executive or to the jet set adventurer.  Concierge’s are typically thought of as glorified greeters or porters but with the proper concierge service this is simply not so.   Especially for the traveling businessperson who has a lot on his mind and whose job demands a lot from them the luxury concierge can be a near necessity.


For the executive on the go, the businessman who flies to Paris on Wednesday and is in New York by Monday, a concierge is an invaluable tool.  Proper concierges will not only offer porter and greeting services but will also recommend venues such as restaurants and meeting places.  In addition they should have the capacity to act as an executive assistant scheduling appointments and meetings all while keeping a detailed itinerary.  A luxury concierge will also take care of any purchasing that needs to be done, in the event that the client needs cloths or needs to plan gifts.  The concierge will also know the areas to network and grow business, the hot spots for executives so to speak.  Some will even be able to arrange meetings with some of the local big wigs or be able to gain entry into exclusive events or venues.


For the luxury traveler a true concierge is no less important.  They will be able to provide the same services that they would for the businessperson only the application or purpose of such would be a little different.  For the high end traveller knowing the best places to party or the popular nightclubs may be one of the most important aspects of their vacationing.  Having a detailed list of the current events and happenings in an unfamiliar city in invaluable.  Factor in the ability to gain entry to the exclusive parties and the VIP events and a luxury concierge is not something that can be done without.


In conclusion a luxury concierge is a priceless tool for either the luxury vacationer or the travelling executive.  A good concierge will provide all the services of greeter, porter, event planner and executive assistant.  They will enhance your travelling experience weather it is for business or pleasure.


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by Jarrad Kulick