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Dec 30, 2013

Measuring Sales (Driving Results)



Sometimes it can be difficult to measure results or to track the sales of a company.  When a company or business is not doing well this can be very important because a change is needed and without accurate records and tracking it can be hard to identify the problem.  Even when a business is doing well and profits are increasing tracking your sales driven results is important in regards to fine-tuning your process and refining the methods used to increase profitability.  How can this be done?  Do I need to have every one of my sales people bother their customers with some type of survey?  Well that is one way to do it but it is not the only way.


When a company is failing and the margins are tight, or even worse when a corporation is running in the red a change is vital or the business will fold.  One of the best ways to increase profits is to increase sales (makes sense right).   This is most simply done by measuring sales, finding what is working and what is not working.  A good way to do this is to implement a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager.  Mostly these come in the form of various pieces of software designed to create a user-friendly database with the intentions of tracking sales, customer service and all manner of information.    Having a CRM can be invaluable to a company and installing one sooner rather then later can save you a lot of money.


Even when a company is flourishing it never hurts to know how you got there.  Tracking results, recoding and storing data and then interpreting said data is almost as important as making the actual sale (after all the money is great but if you cant duplicate your efforts its technically nothing more then a fluke).   When a business is operating at max potential it is much easier to pull resources away from gaining business and allocate them to customer service or the quantification of data and in truth there is probably no better time to do so.


Ultimately no matter what the state of the operation measuring sales and driving results is an important aspect of any business.  For those that are flourishing it is important to understand how you got there, for those that are floundering the problems must be identified and addressed immediately.  A CRM is a great tool but there are many methods available for the quantification of sales data and the analysis of such.  Neglect this aspect of your business at your own risk.


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by Jarrad Kulick