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Jun 28, 2013



Every aspect or job within a limousine company or executive car service is vitally important.  The drivers, the reservationists, the mechanics, management and the dispatchers with out any of them a limousine company cannot operate properly.  The dispatcher’s roll is paramount.  The dispatcher is essentially the coordinator and the orchestrator behind the scenes of an executive car or limousine service.  These are the men who deal with the drivers, give out the work, track the vehicles and schedule or map out the entire day.  They are the ones that coordinate when car A driven by driver A drops off at JFK that car A will be able to make it to the next pick up at the predetermined time on time or early despite traffic, human error, customer delay, weather, mechanical issues or any other unforeseen problem that might arise on the road.


As you may be able to imagine this is an incredibly difficult and at times stressful job, especially in a busy metropolis like NYC or its surrounding suburbs.  Now systems like Omatics GPS tracking, real time logistics monitoring and flight tracking programs, drive cam safety systems and I pad technology in all the vehicles help to mitigate potential problems but ultimately it all comes down to the guy sitting in the chair in front of the dispatching screen making snap judgments and re-routing cars and drivers as necessary. 


If you then factor in corporate service it becomes a whole different animal.  Due to the fast paced nature of many corporations requiring executive car service time is truly of the essence and often they require last minute and perfectly prompt service.  It all reality many companies are not equipped to handle a corporate workload the demands are just too high, the volume of work just too great.  All Star Limousine and All Star Limousine Worldwide specializes in corporate service and we are proud to be able to do so.  We do hundreds of transfers’ daily and thousands weekly and we are always on time, we are always prompt, with a clean car driver by a professional and knowledgeable chauffer.


Along with the rest of our dedicated staff our team of dispatchers are the ones that allow this to happen.  They are the ones who can re-do the entire days schedule in moments to accommodate that last minute VIP.  They are the ones in constant communication with every driver on the road making sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, making sure that the name All Star continues to stand for excellence and paramount professionalism in both the corporate and celebratory world of limousines and executive car service.  We thank you gentleman.


(Next week check it out from reservation’s point of view)


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