Executive Car Service Behind the Scenes


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Jun 25, 2013

Executive Car Service Behind the Scenes


When you need a ride out to the vineyards or you need a car to take you to the airport you can call All Star Limousine or one of the other companies located throughout the tri-state area, you give them your credit card and then two weeks later a beautiful vehicle shows up in the drive way ready to whisk you off to your destination.  Sounds simple right?  In theory it certainly should be or at least that’s what I though prior to working in the very hectic, very high end and very fast paced limousine industry.


When your paying a fair amount of money for something you expect that product or service to be exactly what your envisioning or at least you are expecting it to be what that company is advertising, and you are correct to do so.  The sad truth is that this industry is inundated with pretenders and false advertisers who give us legitimate companies a bad name.  Uninsured vehicles or drivers, old or mechanically unsafe vehicles, companies advertising things they don’t even have, no shows, constant lateness and horrible customer service are just some of the possible problems you may face when renting a limousine.  Why is that?  Well there are several reasons; improper and unenforced state regulations allow almost anyone to purchase a limousine put an ad in Craig’s list and start booking jobs, staff that’s uninterested, negligence on the part of those at the top, vehicles that are pushed far beyond their mechanical limits and that’s really just the beginning. The real problem comes when you advertise something that is un-safe or not properly insured in an effort to maximize profit you not only put yourself your driver and most importantly your clients at risk you are damaging the industry and really there is no one to stop small start ups or private owners from doing this.


Then there is the magic behind the scenes.  There is a tremendous amount that goes into providing a safe, reliable and punctual car service with professional drivers and late model vehicles.  Like most things it involves money you need to have capital to buy the right cars and technologies to ensure the vehicles run properly, you need to pay decent salaries to attract the right drivers, mechanics and office staff to ensure good customer service and satisfaction.  There is more then that, to really excel in the executive car or limousine industry your staff needs to care, they need to be dedicated because they have a lot of work to do.  The driver’s job is somewhat obvious but behind the driver is a team of professionals including dispatchers, mechanics and reservationists, at any point if anyone of these people fails in their job your ride will not be what it should be.


At All Star Limousine we pride ourselves on our service, we are dedicated that is why we are on time every time.  From the CEO and CFO down through the ranks everyone here puts in that extra little bit extra that contributes to that magical experience you expect when renting a limousine.  The population density of Long Island and NYC makes it especially difficult to operate flawlessly in the NY limo industry, but we make it happen all the time every time and we promise we will continue to do so.


(Next time we will explain exactly how the dispatchers make it happen)


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