A World Class Fleet at Your Fingertips: The Advantages of Using an Executive Car Service


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Aug 02, 2013

A World-Class Fleet at Your Fingertips: The Advantages of Using an Executive Car Service

By Celeste Stewart


Executive Summary

Today's businesses, and the professionals who run them, are challenged like never before to do more with less. Budgets have been whittled away, workforces slashed, and capital expenditures postponed indefinitely. At the same time, businesses must differentiate themselves from their competitors while reassuring customers and shareholders that all is well.


Whether driven out of necessity or a desire to excel, many companies have turned to outsourcing. Commonly outsourced functions include human resources, accounting, payroll, and IT. Some companies even outsource sales and marketing, logistics, and manufacturing to great advantage.


But what about outsourcing corporate car service? Often overlooked, its time has come. Using an executive car service is a viable alternative to hiring drivers and purchasing and managing luxury sedans for your executive team.


Who Can Benefit from an Executive Car Service?

Executive car services are generally intended as a form of "on demand" transportation for corporate executives and their guests, VIPs, celebrities, and other dignitaries. These individuals expect luxury and often need to make the most of their time whether in the office or traveling to a meeting in a car. For example, can you imagine Donald Trump hopping behind the wheel of a Ford Focus and driving himself around New York? Of course not. He is a man of luxury, and his time is extremely valuable. Thus, you can bet a chauffeur is on his payroll and only the finest of vehicles will do.


While your company may not have the assets of the Trump Organization, it may have similar transportation needs and expectations. Organizations and individuals that can benefit from an executive car service include:

  • Large and medium-sized companies whose C-level executives frequently travel
  • Any company with high-level guests or executive transportation needs
  • Individuals who value privacy, need to make an impression, or need personal protection


The Benefits of Using an Executive Car Service

The benefits of using an executive car service are both financial and practical. From a financial perspective, owning one or more corporate sedans and a private jet is costly. Not only can you avoid the capital expenses of owning your own corporate fleet by using an executive car service, you can also eliminate insurance, payroll, parking, fuel, and maintenance costs.


From a practical perspective, using an executive car service allows you to enjoy a luxurious transportation experience tailored to your unique needs without compromise. You literally have a world-class fleet at your disposal. For example, you may want to travel to a meeting across town in a BMW 7 series one day and then head out to the airport the next day in a roomy Lincoln Navigator. Need to entertain a group visiting dignitaries or investors? Then you'll need a bigger luxury vehicle such as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. You could even go on tour in a fully equipped luxury motor coach, complete with a professional driver and all of the amenities you could possibly want.


No matter what you're in the mood for or how many people you need to transport, having an executive car service on call is the perfect solution.


Choosing the Right Executive Car Service


As with any service, your satisfaction ultimately relies on choosing the right service provider for your needs. Below are the most important attributes to look for in an executive car service:


  • A culture of VIP service – Every single interaction between the executive car service and your company should leave you – and others involved with your company – feeling special and pampered. Whether the car service will be transporting you, a client, or a member of your staff, exceptional service is a must.


  • Punctuality – Time is money, making it important that you can count on your executive car service to be punctual and show up on time, every time.


  • Reliability – Not only should the car service be on time, it must consistently exceed your expectations. You expect vehicles to be well maintained, clean, polished to perfection, fueled, and stocked with refreshments – make sure your executive car service provider shares these expectations.


  • Luxury – While economy and entry-level cars have their place, they don't belong in an executive car service's fleet. Make sure the fleet matches your personal taste and style preferences. In addition to specific makes and models from some of the world's most sophisticated automobile manufacturers, consider the versatility of the fleet. For example, does the executive car service have multi-passenger vehicles available for larger groups?


  • Experience and safety – We can all appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere. However, you probably don't want to be chauffeured through the streets of New York by a rookie. Look for an established executive car service that prioritizes professionalism and safety in all areas of its business.


About All Star Limousine Worldwide

If you're looking for an established executive car service in Long Island or New York City – or the world at large – that meets all of the criteria listed above, look no further than All Start Limousine Worldwide, the premier provider of international corporate transportation.


All Star Limousine has been providing executive car services for over 30 years. With a world-class fleet of luxury limos, town cars, BMW 7 series sedans, Lincoln Navigators, Rolls Royce limos (including an antique Rolls Royce limo and a Phantom 5 Rolls Royce), luxury buses, and executive sprinters, All Star Limousine has all of your transportation needs covered.   


What sets All Star Limousine apart? Efficiency, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to providing VIP service. The importance of safety, privacy, efficiency, comfort, and time to today's traveling executive is understood, valued, and prioritized. All Star Limousine has honed its processes to perfection and uses cutting-edge dispatch technology to ensure punctual, reliable service – every time.


All Star Limousine operates 24/7, 365 days a year, delivering exceptional executive car services and more:


  • International ground transportation services and coordination
  • In-depth knowledge of private aviation, airport logistics, and protocol
  • Real-time flight tracking systems monitor flights around the world, ensuring on-time pickups even when your flight is delayed
  • Brand-new, fully loaded luxury vehicles equipped with the latest technologies
  • Sophisticated road show, meeting/event coordination, and transportation services
  • Live dispatch and reservation agents available 24/7,  365 days a year
  • Dependable, dedicated and professional chauffeurs
  • All drivers undergo background checks and random drug tests
  • State-of-the-art reservation, dispatch, and flight tracking systems
  • Drive-Cam System in all vehicles
  • Online account management tools for easy corporate travel expense management
  • "Diamond class" service for the ultimate in luxury


A World-Class Fleet Awaits

Find out why Fortune 500/100 corporations and C-level executives count on All Star Limousine for corporate car services in New York, Long Island, and beyond by contacting:

All Star Limousine

380 New Highway

Lindenhurst, NY 11757