The Rules of Social Media


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Jan 30, 2014

The Rules of Social Media



I have read countless posts on when to post on Facebook, what time is best or what type of posts will get the most exposure.  There are a myriad of blogs on social media engagement and how to get “likes” or “+1s”.  In reality many of these topics are subjective based on the industry or market you are representing.  We have, however, been able to compile a list of relatively universal “dos” when it come to social media, below are some good practices to implement when managing any social media platform.


-Post often (but don’t too often).  Make sure you are posting regularly and consistently people who follow or like you want to know what’s going on (although if people start to complain tone it down a bit).


-Switch it up, post videos, photos, ask question, quote famous authors keep it interesting.


-Make sure you are sharing what people are reading or what they want to see, this is heavily dependent on your target audience and your field, but know your audience.


-For twitter repeat your tweets, for Google plus link your blogs and for Facebook maximize your engagement.


-Include link backs to the source and give credit where credit its due.


 There is no hard set of rules for social media as the digital world is ever evolving, be consistent, be current and be interesting.  Follow some of the advice above and you should achieve a certain level of success.   Track your success, what works for you may not work for the next guy so their exists no universal formula, trial and error is the best course of action and when you find what works stick to it!


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by Jarrad Kulick