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Nov 18, 2014

Dress For Success



In a perfect would we would all be judged on skill and merit alone, unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  At the risk of sounding horribly superficial the truth is what you look like matters when it comes to business.  If you’re reading this and shaking your head saying “That’s so untrue” or “That’s not fair” I would say that you’re not being totally honest with yourself.  Weather its sales, service or administration your appearance is important.


Let me present this scenario; you walk into a restaurant and you are sat at a table when your server approaches.  In the first hypothetical situation she has her hair up in neat little bun, she smells nice, is clean well groomed and well kept.  In the second scenario the waitress is haggard and sweaty, her make up is smeared and she has dirt or some other substance caked under her nails.  Which one of these waitresses would you prefer?  This person is handling your food, I would imagine that you would prefer it to be as clean and germ free as possible.


So now your saying well of course that’s the food service industry that’s different, and of course she should be clean, but that’s more about hygiene and infection then an actual ascetic.  I will tell you that it’s a combination of both but ill give you a second situation.  You are in charge of the marketing department for a large corporation and you have a meeting with sales person who is attempting to sell you  ad space.  The first rep comes in and he’s dressed neatly, full suit, tie done right, shoes polished, shaved and smiling, he is neat and organized and his appearance reflects that.  The second sales rep comes in tie loosened, no jacket, uncut fingernails and he looks like he has left-over lunch stuck in his beard.  Now of course there are other things that would impact your decision when choosing where to place your ad but all other things created equal (price, exposure exc.), whom would you choose?  Even on a subconscious level the first guy is going to stand out because the way he keeps himself is a reflection of how he will conduct business.


So again we are all judged and we all judge (weather you want to admit it or not) by appearance.  In business, and in truth in all facets of your life, it is important to dress your best.  At the very least look at it as a reflection of your professionalism, people will subconsciously associate your neatness with competence.  It may sound superficial but its important to dress for success. 


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