How To Sell In 2015


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Dec 16, 2014

How To Sell In 2015 

In today’s market the average consumer is becoming more and more informed, today everyone is an expert on everything.  The question is, as a professional, how do you get your point across or truly inform a potential customer without sounding like you are trying to sell them something.  Most customers these days have a good idea of what they are looking for long before they even walk in the store.   These customers bolt for the door at the first sign of a sales pitch.  Why is this?  How can we impart product knowledge without sending our customers running?


Well, as we said, with the advancements that have been made in communications technology everyone is an authority.  So many people read a few articles on the internet write a review and deem themselves an authority.  While it is truly great that everyone has unlimited access to an near infinite amount of information reading about a product or service is different then actually working with it, using it, or experiencing it.  It becomes difficult, especially when dealing with equipment or services involving technical knowledge, to explain to a customer the difference between your services and someone else’s when it took you six years of education just to begin to understand the nature of your job.  The frustration becomes compounded when that person has been doing his homework and assumes he knows what you’re talking about, so then that the moment you attempt to explain some of the positives that your product has to offer his brain immediately shuts off.


The days of the pushy aggressive sales person are over.  No longer will those scare tactics, upselling and bait and switch tactics be effective, now the best way to convey information is to have a conversation.  Present everything to your potential client, pros and cons; tell them what they want to hear and what they don’t want to hear.  People these days like to be informed, they like to know, so if you offer to them a wealth of information they will appreciate it.   Ultimately it is a good thing because a good product will sell itself and the days of ripping people off and selling snake oil will come quickly to an end. 


In todays world information is readily available to everyone.  Everyone is an authority and the traditional idea of selling turns off a great many potential buyers.  What we can do is stop selling and start informing.  Convey the information about your product or service in a way where your goal is to educate the client not make the sale.  


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