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Feb 24, 2014




Previously we have discussed negotiation and how to get others to agree with your perspective or way of thinking; today I would like to talk about motivation.  Specifically what motivates your employees, most would jump right in and dripping with sarcasm say “money” and while that may be true it is not the most powerful motivator and at best it is only one of many.  Motivating our employees is something important to all of us, obviously we all want to get the most out of our workers and there are many ways to do so. 


Psychological motivation can be done in several ways and can be far more powerful then typically given credit for (it is also one of the least costly and simplest methods of motivation).  In our conversation about negotiation we talked about the ability to get others to do what we need through playing on motivators, love, fear, desire all of these things still hold true for the purposes of getting out employees to work.  Fear of losing their job or being replaced, love of a position or a superior, the desire to clime the corporate ladder or get that next promotion, all of these are motivating factors in business.  There are other ways beside playing on desires; communicate with your employees, talk with them and build relationships with them, they need to see you as an individual, an actual human being and they will be more willing to take that extra step for you.


Of course we all know that money motivates, as do material items.  Instead of a raise on occasion it may be more meaningful to give someone a gift tailored to his or her needs or likings, a company car a particular piece of jewelry.  Recently I was the recipient of a beautiful watch that was unexpected and very thoughtful, I am not a watch person but this specific piece was perfectly tailored to my style.  It was a great gift and a powerful motivator.  It was also given unexpectedly which made it mean that much more.


Finally we have motivation that comes in the form of non-material gifts, things such as health benefits, autonomy and paid time off.  These can be the best type of motivators because they can often be relatively inexpensive and they can also quite often carry the most meaning.  Public affirmation of a job well done, a new title or responsibility, even to just hear the words that indicate appreciation, then there are those more traditional non-material rewards like employees benefits, paid vacation time, a company car or a coveted parking spot.


All of these are great motivators and alternative rewards to what is done more traditionally.  It is important to know the people who work for you, know what makes them happy and attempt to reward those that deserve it.   There are many ways to motivate but there is also a best way tailored to each individual, find that way and watch the success that follows.


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by Jarrad Kulick