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Apr 24, 2014

Russo’s on the Bay (an unbelievable experience)




Out of all the catering halls in New York Russo’s on the Bay stands in a class all its own.  Located on Cross Bay Blvd, in famous Howard Beach, Russo’s towers above the water, an impressive and incredible structure.  Hospitality has been a tradition in the Russo family for over fifty years; in this half-century the art of service has been perfected.  When one envisions a party or celebration your imagination can take you only so far, Russo’s on the Bay takes it to the level beyond.  There is no place quite as regal, no staff quite as attentive and no food quite as tantalizing as that which is found at Russo’s on the Bay.


The tradition of perfect service began over fifty years ago when Frank Russo Sr. opened Villa Russo in Richmond Hill.  Their dedication to excellence, attention to detail and experience in fine dining was passed on to Mr. Russo’s son, Frank Russo Jr.   These skills and the art of hospitality have since been fine-tuned again and again by the service professionals at Russo’s on The Bay.  The Russo’s have mastered the art of creating cherished memories and facilitating unbelievable experiences.  The décor, the establishment itself, the staff, the food and the overall ambiance is nothing short of perfect at Russo’s on the Bay.


Russo’s on the Bay is a completely autonomous facility, they provide everything on site, from the baked goods to the tailoring even down to garbage disposal it is all done in house.  This guarantees several things, one the food (which is unbelievable in and of itself, the shear amount of it is unreal, you haven’t seen a Viennese hour until you have attended a wedding at Russo’s on the Bay) is prepared fresh and right in the kitchens of Russo’s.  Second anything you could possibly want or need can be done within the facility, they literally have it all and it is all top shelf, need a suit pant hemmed no problem, need car service they have it, craving a special something you don’t see on the menu or behind the bar not a problem, any want desire or need is immediately addressed by the world class staff and a state of the art compound.


The décor is unparalleled; classic mosaics, incredible lighting and rooms furnished with materials imported from around the world, the overall effect is stunning.  No other venue in New York and possibly the world boasts such a grand and elegant ambiance.  Their staff is fanatical about their customer service and commitment to perfection, every detail is considered, addressed and accounted for, there is nothing that is not anticipated or thought of.  With over 200 years of combined experience the senior management team is unbelievable with backgrounds ranging from Walt Disney World to some of the most prestigious and famous restaurants and venues in the world.


Russo’s offers an unrivaled experience to all of their brides and grooms as well as those celebrating other milestone events.  The facility, the staff and of course the unbelievable cuisine is literally unforgettable.   Service and excellence are taken beyond expectations at Russo’s on the Bay, experience the majesty.


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by Jarrad Kulick