Booking Your Executive Car Service To The Airport


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Jun 25, 2014

Booking Your Executive Car Service To The Airport



Booking an executive car service to the airport when traveling is something that is often out off until the last minute when planning a trip.  Although a company like All Star is able to accommodate same day and last minute travel arrangements it is something that should be done around the same time you book your hotel or your flight, this is simply to save you any kind of aggravation.  For some companies it is a simple and easy process, with All Star you don’t even have to pick up the phone, you can make your travel arrangements via our online reservation process, it takes about 5 minuets.  Taking an executive car service to the airport is a nice choice for several reasons including the potential to save money as well as the reliability and comfort of something like Lincoln’s new MKT town car.


Many people don’t realize that it is often cheaper to book a car to go back and forth to the airport then it is to park your vehicle there.  A round trip to the airport is roughly $200 long term parking is about $20 a day, factor in gas and time and if your going away for more then five days it becomes a no brainer.   The airport is often said to be one of the most stressful and least liked elements of traveling.  Let a reliable company do all the work for you, we will track your flight, tell you what time to get picked up and take you there in luxury, comfort and style.  We have 24/7/365 dispatch and will have your vehicle pulled up to meet you as you walk out of the terminal or we will have a chauffeur inside with a digital sign to help you with your bags, its your choice.


Taking a car service to the airport is the better choice, as long as you use a reliable and reputable company.  It will save you time and money as well as take away the stress that comes with dealing with airports and air travel.  We have mastered and streamlined our reservation process and our executive car service transfers and we promise that when we pick you up we wont let you down.


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by Jarrad Kulick