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Jun 20, 2014

Macari Vineyards


Beautiful and harmonious, Macari Vineyards are located in Mattituck on Long Islands North Fork.  Operated by the Macari family the land has been owned by the Macari’s for over fifty years, however the vineyard was established relatively recently in 1995.  Boasting a wide range of wines the 200-acre Macari Vineyard is not only beautiful but veritable wildlife conservation. 


Joseph Macari Jr.  is considered a pioneer in natural farming.  One of the things that set Macari Vineyards apart from the competition is their emphasis on respecting the land and maintaining the integrity of the amazing eco-system that exists on Long Island’s North Fork.  Originally a potato farm the Macari Farmland has been transformed into a sprawling vineyard that produces a wind range of vintages including everything from crisp Savignon Blanc’s to luscious Merlot’s.  The farmland is also home to incredible variety of wild life including Texas Longhorns, Sicilian Donkeys, red tail hawks, and spotted blue herons.  Since their very first breaking of ground Jospeh Macari Jr. has practiced and adopted the latest and most tried methods of biodynamic principals allowing the vineyard to flourish all the while preserving the land and soil.


Macari Vineyards is more an extension of Long Island as opposed to a location within it.  A wide selection of wines and a passionate respect for the land on which they grow sets this vineyard apart from the rest.  As much a wildlife preservation as it is a vineyard Macari is a shining example of the natural beauty found on Long Islands North Fork.


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by Jarrad Kulick