Common Workplace Mistakes


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Jul 25, 2014

Common Workplace Mistakes



So many of us today consider ourselves careerists, dedicated and engaged employees looking to climb that corporate ladder.  Some us us boast that we haven’t taken a sick day since 1989, or even though we get two weeks of PTO we only took two days last year.  In our minds these may seem like the type of things our bosses want to hear but in reality they can be very counter productive.  Below are several things research has shown actually decrease productivity some of these may surprise you.


Taking your time getting to work, hitting the snooze button a few extra times isn’t doing you any favors.  Get in to work early, even if you don’t have a set schedule.  Employers tend to take stock of their people earlier in the day and note those that seem to be in place during the morning hours.  Also arriving to work ahead of schedule gives you a few moments to gather your thoughts and not frantically begin to work.


Do something other then check your email when you first get to work.  Research has shown that checking your email first thing in the morning actually reduces productivity.  It is easy for one to get bogged down in a sea of digital mail, attack a goal orientated issue first thing as getting something done, even something small, at the start of your day is the best way to get going.


Try not to multitask unnecessarily.  Many of us like to take on five or six tasks simultaneously but your brain is not designed to handle that type of workload.  It is fine to do a few menial things at once but give your full and undivided attention to the jobs that need it.


Sitting is the new fast food, if you work in an office and you are at your desk all day make sure you stand and stretch or walk around for a few moments.  Not only is sitting bad for your body in general it drastically reduces productivity and gives your body a false sense of being relaxed or “switched off”.


Take breaks and go on vacation.  We need to experience what we are working for.  It is important to decompress and put work aside.  This will allow your body to recharge and when you return to work you will have a fresh perspective and a new sense of purpose.


Make sure you do the things you like.  Develop or pursue a hobby, have a drink, read a book.  Nurturing your creative interests has been shown to drastically increase productivity.  Investing your mental energies in something not work related has been shown to make you a better worker.


Some of these things may seem like slacking off, but I assure you they are not.  It is absolutely necessary to maximize production and some of the best ways to do so are listed above.  Take time off when you need it, do not multitask unnecessarily, and take care of yourself physically and mentally.  Avoid these common workplace mistakes and watch your productivity soar.


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by Jarrad Kulick