How To Pick An Executive Car Service (Part I)


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Jul 29, 2014

How To Pick An Executive Car Service (Part I)



Corporate travel is a very important aspect of business; think about it, if you can’t get to work nothing gets done, production stops.  Following this logic if a corporation is using an executive car service the transportation company must be 100% reliable.  If the car is late you will be late, if the car breaks down you miss your appointment.  It is important to select the right car service for your company, and below are 17 questions to ask when investigating the possibility of hiring an executive car service for your corporate travel needs.


1)   Ask the company what their hours of operation are.  A reliable executive car service will have true 24/7/365 dispatch and will not forward their calls to a call center.  This way if there is an issue or a question or a last minute change of plans (as there often can be in business) a call can be made at any time to make adjustments.

2)   The type of communication technology used is important.   It is illegal in most places to talk on your cell phone while driving.  A good company will have each of their drivers equipped with two way radios and iPads with the intention of streamlining communication.  This helps expedite the sharing of information and eliminates mis-communication over the phone.

3)   The type of confirmations and customer communication the company offers.  There is seldom such a thing as too much confirmation.  A job must be confirmed at least twice.  An alert should also be sent when the vehicle is on location or has arrived at the pre determined pick up spot.  This alert and the confirmation should be sent several ways, email, verbally over the phone and via text message.

4)   The vehicles are of course extremely important.  What type of vehicles does the company carry?  Do they offer a variety?  How new are they?  A company should also have a rapid turnaround time, in other words they should be replacing their vehicles at least every 18 months.  This guarantees clean, new cars with little chance for mechanical error.

5)   What type of maintenance does the company perform on their vehicles?  Do they have an on site mechanic?  Where are the vehicles kept?  Does the company have an indoor facility to protect their fleet from the elements?  Cars should be kept indoors and a company should have a mechanic on site at all times and on call 24/7.  With a quick turnaround time their vehicles should be under manufactures warrantee and should be serviced by the company that built them.  This way you know the car service is not sending their vehicles to the unknown neighborhood mechanic who may or may not be capable of correcting any problems.  The company should of course perform routine maintenance on all of their vehicles to maximize efficiency and performance.

6)   What is their hiring process for chauffeurs?  How are drivers selected and trained?  What do they wear?  Corporate chauffeurs should wear black suits and should be thoroughly vetted and tested for logistical and geographic knowledge.  They should have all of the proper licensing and have taken all the necessary training courses required to be a professional chauffeur.  They should be intimately familiar with the areas that they service as well as be trained in communications and customer service.  They should be drug tested and background checked and properly insured by the company they work for. 


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 by Jarrad Kulick