How To Pick An Executive Car Service (Part II)


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Jul 30, 2014

How To Pick An Executive Car Service (Part II)


7)   What type of insurance does the company carry?  It is important that the company owns all of their vehicles and insures all of their vehicles.  This provides them with an element of control and will also allow them to guarantee a certain level of service.  In addition in the case of an accident or mishap the proper insurance is in place.

8)   What amenities do these vehicles come equipped with?  Any vehicle rented out and used to transport VIPs should have drive cams and back ups cameras for safety, they should have real time GPS and as much technology available as possible in an effort to maximize comfort and efficiency.  The car should have an iPad in it for use by the customer and the driver; the vehicle of course should have an EZ pass.  The car should also have a tracking device installed so that the route that it is taking and the exact location can be immediately identified at all times.

9)   How quickly can I book a vehicle?  If necessary can I make arrangement for the same day?  For corporate travel often times arrangements must be made last minute, sometimes at the very last minute.  All Star Limousine has vehicles and drivers on stand by at several of the major hubs in the NY metro area.  They have drivers at LGA, JFK and Penn Station so that customers can book what is called a “ready now”, a last minute reservation that can be executed immediately.

10)    The company should have a streamlined and fast booking process.  The reservations should be able to be made online, or by phone and should be able to be confirmed instantly.  The reservation process should be able to be fully customized and profiles for each company and each traveler should be detailed and up to date.  These profiles should include information such as favored drivers or vehicles, home addresses and contact numbers and any other information that could be used to create a more pleasurable experience for the customer.

11)   Ask how long the company has been in business.  A company that has only been around a short period of time is something to beware of.

12)   Do not leave large deposits; a true executive car service should not require you to leave a large sum of money prior to the execution of the service.

13)   Make sure that the company does not sub contract out your work.  The term in the industry is “Farming out” you absolutely do not want a company to farm out your transfer, especially when it comes to corporate work.  You then have another company operating in the contracted companies name who may or may not care if the job goes well.

14)   Does the company have a back up plan?  In the event of unforeseen or unavoidable circumstance does the company have a counter measure?  God forbid the driver is hit by another car on the way to a pick up or has a blow out what kind of back up plan does the company have?  Do they have vehicles on stand by?  Do they have extra cars and drivers available?


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 by Jarrad Kulick