How to Choose a Limousine Service for Your Wedding (Part Two)


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Jul 23, 2014

How to Choose a Limousine Service for Your Wedding (Part Two)


Ask about the company’s chauffeurs.  A wedding chauffeur should do more then just drive that day.  They should coordinate with the photographer, they should help with your dress, they should take the flowers from the church, they should help the guys with their boutonnieres and pocket squares, they should help hold doors at the church and help arrange the pew bows during the ceremony.  That is only the beginning, your driver is there to help facilitate the day and keep you on schedule, he or she should be experienced and professional and dressed in a black tuxedo.  Your limousine driver will be with you during some of the more stressful moments of your wedding day and they should know their job, they should be intimately familiar with the logistics of your day as well as the geographic areas that they are servicing.  The last thing you want to happen on your wedding day is to get lost on the way to the church.


If you are interested in renting an antique or vintage vehicle as a lead car make sure you go and look at the vehicle you are interest in.  We have all heard the horror stories about these vehicles breaking down, having no heat or AC or not showing up at all and shockingly this happens often.  The reason is that these vehicles are very expensive and difficult to maintain, the only way to properly do it is to put new engines and electrical systems into these vehicles, this way preventative maintenance can be performed and reliability and functionality can be guaranteed.  These vehicles should be housed indoors, not under an awning or some tarp and they should either have the interiors redone regularly and or be detailed weekly.  A real antique will not be inexpensive, these vehicles cost upwards of $100,000 to purchase and then almost half that again to properly refurbish.  If someone offers you a cheap vintage vehicle beware, as you will be better off omitting that aspect of your transportation as opposed to taking the chance on something that is likely to show up looking like a rusting hunk of metal or not show up at all.


Research the company, as you should with all your wedding vendors, read the online reviews past brides and grooms have left about the business.  This will give you the truest information about how a company operates, how long it’s been in business and how it handles it’s problems.  It is true that it is impossible to please everyone, some people are just extremely difficult and the law of averages dictates that sooner or later something will not go 100% according to plan.  Does the company have a back up plan?  Do they guarantee a customer’s satisfaction?  These are questions that should be answered by asking the right people and doing the proper research.


Ultimately the transportation on the day of your wedding is as important as everything else.  It should be booked early, after the potential companies have been researched thoroughly.  You should make sure you visit your limousine company and see their operation, check out their vehicles and ask about their drivers.  Professionalism, quality and experience are absolutely paramount for providing good service on the day of your wedding.  A hiccup with the transportation on your big day has the potential to ruin everything, put the required time into booking your wedding limousine!


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by Jarrad Kulick