A Long Island Paradise


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Aug 28, 2014

A Long Island Paradise



Some of us may not realize it but we live in a veritable paradise.  Long Island is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful places in the world.  Those of us that have grown up here may take the natural beauty and diverse geography for granted, but I would like to take a quick moment to remind you all about how incredible long island really is.


First of all we are on an island less about 23 miles wide, this means that you are no further then a half hour away from a beach no matter where you are, and the beaches here are beautiful.  We live in horse country and on farmland, the trees and flora on Long Island are incredible, vineyards and farms out east punctuated by preserves, arboretums and flower fields throughout and all surrounded by beaches, Long Island is completely stunning from early spring to late fall.   Everything is growing in April, blooming during the summer months, and then the foliage begins to take on those luscious fall colors, very few places in the world can boast such a range of beauty.  When the trees go to rest and the plants close their blooms for the winter, we get snow.  Some of us at this point may be wishing for a mild winter but still very few places in the world will have summers like we do and then still have snow in the winter.  Long Island is the quintessential example of the range of beauty possessed by the four seasons.


There is so much to do here.  We are down the road from the greatest city in the world.  Broadway theaters, gorgeous museums, fantastic nightclubs and fabulous restaurants are what NYC is known for and we are a short train ride away.  Long Island has its own attractions as well, we have the Hamptons out east and a booming wine country with over 40 incredible vineyards to choose from and visit.  We have our own amazing eateries, everything from Italian to Seafood.  We have some of the freshest and best in the world, no matter what your preference there is a five star restaurant for you.


Ultimately an aesthetic paradise and one of the greatest places to live or grown up, long Island is incredible.  From the natural beauty, to the food, to the activities long island lacks nothing.  Love where you live and if you don’t live here come visit us you won’t be disappointed!


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