The Obvious (Sticking To The Basics)


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Jan 06, 2015

The Obvious (Sticking To The Basics)

Business today can get complicated.  Years ago things were much simpler; there was the right way to do things and the wrong way.  Most processes and business plans were implemented and created using a very straight forward process, something like A+B=C, and that was just the way things were done.  Today there are many things responsible for changing the game; chief amongst them is the Internet.  Undoubtedly the greatest invention of the 20th century the Internet has done so much for so many, but by far its greatest impact has been on the business world.


Where as years ago there was just a certain way that things were done and people just simply did not deviate from that process.  Today with information being so readily available to just about everyone, everybody’s an authority and everyone has their own idea about how things should be done.  It is easy to get lost in the jumble and too lose sight of the goals and values of what your business is all about.  We see so many startups fail as quickly as they arose for a plethora of reasons. 


One of the main factors in all this rising and falling is the deviation from the tried and true.  There was a reason that things were done a particular way for so long and this is because it worked.  When in doubt and even when trying to be innovative do not hesitate to go with what is obvious and to stick with the basics, after all they have been proven to work, even if you are looking to do something different start with what’s been done before.  Be careful of over thinking a problem and breezing right by the best and most obvious answer.


Business is more involved and more complicated then ever before.  Fifty years ago it was a simpler time where there existed a pretty straightforward formula for most enterprises, today things are a bit different.  It is important to remember that even when trying to stand out and be innovative start with the basics, never overlook the obvious.  After all there is a reason things were done a certain way for so long, sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.


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