Top Three New Years Resolutions For 2015


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Dec 31, 2015

At the dawn of every New Year, amidst the celebrations and the champagne, most of us look ahead towards the coming year.  We think to ourselves what will this New Year bring?  Will it be a good year? What can I do to make this year great, what can I do to make this year better?  Here are the top three most common resolutions people made in 2015.


The number 1 most common resolution has to do with health and fitness.  Over 65% of people that made resolutions made theirs with their health in mind.  Many made promises to go to the gym more often or to start going to the gym.  Many made promises to make healthier food choices and to start being more conscious of what they were eating.  Still others made vows to cut back on certain potentially harmful things like alcohol or smoking.  Some made resolutions to cut these substances out of their lives all together.


About 30% of people made resolutions promising to better their quality of life through various means.  People promised to spend more time with family and friends.  Many people wanted to learn a new hobby or to spend more time engaged in their current one.  Some made promises to get organized, and some wanted to make it a goal of theirs to read or travel more.


Finally a small percentage were committed to bettering themselves financially.  Some of this group wanted to spend less and save more.  Some wanted to make a point to ask their bosses for that long sought after raise or promotion.  Some vowed to find better jobs or too work more.


No matter what you promise yourself for the New Year make it a point to stick too your resolution.  It’s the best way to ensure that your New Year will be a great one!


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