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Feb 24, 2015

Good Business


We talk a lot about business on here and we thought it time to take a few moments to sum up.  Sifting and reading thru hundreds of pages of archived material can be tedious and overwhelming.  What we wish to express to those of you in the business world can be summed up in a few sentences that below will be elaborated on, these are; Do the right thing and be smart about your decisions and actions.


Many of us (unfortunately not all) have a conscious, an internal compass that lets us know when we are headed in the right direction and when we are headed in the wrong one.  This holds especially true when it comes to human interactions.  So when conducting business do the right thing, listen to your heart and your conscious.


Make no mistake we are not saying to be overly emotional, or to sacrifice good judgment for heightened morals, but when the opportunity presents itself do the right thing.  Your heart will tell you what that is and your mind will tell you if it makes sense.  That brings us to the next part of our message; exercise your mind.  Be smart.  A lot can be accomplished with intelligence and integrity.  Your mind will balance your heart when it comes to making the harder decisions.  If you originate from a place of goodness the positive energy you create will reward you in the short and the long term. 


Some may say after reading this that they do not believe in energy, or some universal karmic wheel and I will tell you if you do not want to think about it as a karmic ROI think of it like this, if you do the right thing by most people it will stay with them for years to come especially if the individual was aware that an easier and harsher decisions could have been made.  Networking is a big part of business and you never know who will end up where and when you might meet again.


What must be understood by those that choose to adopt this practice is that it will not be easy for you pioneers.  If everyone doing business today adopted this philosophy all at once the world would be a better more productive place there is absolutely no doubt.  This is unfortunately a very unrealistic scenario, and what will more likely happen is that a few will read these words and choose to take action and the many will see these few as weak and attempt to prey on them and take advantage.   This is when you must truly have heart and to truly have strength for eventually you will persevere and the petty the greedy and the cruel will break upon you like a wave breaking upon the stony shore.  Eventually the water will recede but the rock will remain unchanged.


Be the rock, be strong, be smart and most of all be good.  Emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually you will benefit most recognizably in the long term but also in many cases the benefits will be immediate and obvious.  It will not be easy but the best things in this life never are.


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