The Journey Part IV


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Feb 13, 2015

The Journey Part IV


John and Mary had a life filled with joy and fortune.  John got a promotion not long after their wedding and seemed to climb the corporate ladder effortlessly.  Four years after the wedding their beautiful daughter was born.  John had to work more and more, and when it became necessary for him to travel he knew just the company, All Star Limousine.  What John had not realized was that All Star was an international car service, a company that could pick him up and take him to JFK airport and a company that could meet him at Chicago’s O’Hare and take him wherever he needed to go in the Windy City.


If it could be possible the executive car service that John received was even better then the service they received on their wedding day.  It was not that the vehicles or the drivers were any better, it was that John now had other car services he could compare to, his company had several of them that he had been forced to choose from prior to his latest promotion.  The ride to and from the airport was so good and so much better then previous experiences that John recommended All Star Limousine to his boss and his co-workers, and it was not long before the entire company switched over to All Star Limousine Worldwide.


The drivers were better trained, more familiar with the areas that they serviced, better dressed and seemed to exercise a greater emotional intelligence as compared to previous chauffeurs from other organizations.  They just presented a higher level of polish and refinement.  The part that impressed John the most was the consistency of service, no matter where he traveled the cars were always immaculate the drivers always the most professional.  It was truly impressive that All Star could provide such a high end and uniform service so consistently.


Never did All Star falter, never did they fail.  Even in extreme weather conditions or with last minute flight changes or cancelations, John always knew he could count on All Star to be there on time and to get him to his destination safely.  


(To Be Continued)...