The Journey Part V


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Feb 17, 2015

The Journey Part V



One day as John was coming down the stairs at JFK he was greeted by the smile of an old friend.  It was the gentleman that had driven him and Mary the day of their wedding and picked them up from the airport after their honeymoon.  John looked at the man as if he had just ran in to an old friend, a little greyer and a touch slower the gentleman was no less efficient and insisted on carrying John’s bags even though he was at least twenty years his senior.  The two walked to the town car parked right in front of the terminal and talked about old times, and even though it had been almost ten years it was if they had seen each other yesterday.  They spoke about John’s prospering career and family and the chauffeur told John about his own children and the joy of grandchildren. When the gentleman dropped John off at his door the two hugged and promised it would not be so long until they spoke again. 


That next holiday season John and Mary received a Christmas card from their chauffeur, for even though they were sure he had pleased many clients, they affectionately referred to him as theirs.  They in turn sent him a gift and a picture of their beautiful family; this included the most recent addition, a baby boy. 


A few years later John had a bit of grey of his own and had made partner at his firm.  Every year he made sure he sent gifts and baskets to the staff at All Star and special gifts for his chauffeur who he requested almost every time he needed to travel.  The relationship between the two grew beyond that and on occasion the chauffeur and his wife would join John and Mary for dinner, most usually this occurred around the holiday season or near the time of John and Mary’s anniversary.


When the occasion called for it they ordered their stretch limousines and had dinner in the city.  The young couple had made their fortune and they treated each other and them selves well. Any time they needed anything All Star Limousine was there for them.  When going out east to the vineyards not only did All Star arrange the transportation but they planned and scheduled the entire day, even going so far as to make the reservations at each vineyard and have lunch delivered. 


When they went into the city All Star made the reservations and even made suggestions.  On more then one occasion teh event staff made the reservations and called in favors to make sure they got the times and seats that they wanted.


To Be Continued...