The Journey (The Conclusion)


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Feb 19, 2015

The Journey (The Conclusion)

His daughter’s day came and John was more nervous then he had been the day of his wedding.  Of course who showed up as the driver but his old friend.  At the sight of his white haired companion all of John’s anxieties were instantly relieved.  It wasn’t that he did not trust any of the other men or women who may have picked up his little one, its that he knew he could trust this man, this man was like family.  It was so considerate of the team at All Star to send his friend, he did not like to request the man to be his driver as their friendship had grown too great for that.  With tears in his eyes John sent his daughter off in the gorgeous stretch Escalade, and smiling, he went back inside to sit with his wife and enjoy a quite evening knowing that his baby girl would be taken care of almost as well as if he was there himself.


The night went perfectly as John knew it would.  At one point he had felt a sense of paranoia about his little one, as most parents do, and he texted the driver as well as his daughter.  Even though his daughter did not return the text (she was after all in the middle of one of the most important nights of her life) the driver did immediately, informing John that all was well.


John’s daughter’s senior prom was a little easier to deal with after their sweet sixteen experience.  This time John did request that his friend chauffeur his little one, and of course the gentleman was happy to oblige.  The veteran chauffeur gave John some bad news when he retuned them home the next morning. Nothing regarding the events of the evening, but he informed John that this would be his last year at All Star, as he was retiring and heading down south.  John was disheartened to hear the news but happy for his old friend.  He would miss the man as a driver but more so as a friend once he moved so very far away. 


Later, when reflecting on his sadness, John came to a realization.  He knew he would keep in touch with his old friend and he knew his old friend would keep in touch with him.  The man had been there for John during the most incredible moments of his life.  At almost every major milestone his old friend had been there with a smile.  They had formed a special and unique bond that would not be broken by time or by miles, and John found himself no longer being sad but now looking forward to visiting his friend in the sunny south.


Time passed and All Star Limousine grew and grew.  The company was dynamic and changed accordingly with the times, implementing new technology and the best equipment and vehicles as they became available.  They opened new locations and grew their client base, but no matter how big they became they still treated each and every customer like family.  It was inherent in the culture of All Star Limousine and it was one of their founding principals, the employees the clients everyone was a part of the All Star family.  And like any family you only want the best for one another.  That was the mentality that was bred at All Star Limousine, and it shows in their people, their vehicles, their clients and their service.


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!