Strength Of Mind Strength Of Body Strength Of Spirit; The Recipe For Success


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Apr 16, 2015

Strength Of Mind Strength Of Body Strength Of Spirit; The Recipe For Success


Above all else strength may be the number one requirement for success.  Not the type of strength that lets you bench press 250lbs (although that is part of it) but overall strength of character, and the ultimate quality of an individual.  How “good” or “valuable” a person may be depends on a great many things and is relevant to the organization the individual belongs too, and or the type of relationship we are analyzing.  To help us we will attempt to measure or discuss individuals in the work place.  The value of an employee or an employer can be measured by looking at three characteristics, all of them having to do with strength, these are strength of mind, strength of body and strength of spirit.


Some of us have powerful intellects, minds that allow us to store and retain vast amounts of information, quickly analyze and address problems and ultimately have a keen intuition into people and situations.  All of this is incredibly useful in business.  Being smart allows us to figure out how to do what we do best and also allows us to learn how to do other things that may make what we currently do better.  Being intelligent allows us to plan and anticipate steps and moves made by the industry giving us the ability to implement optimized business strategies. Knowledge is a great power when used correctly and responsibly.


Strength of body is important (however it is debatable how important it is when compared to the other two).  Being healthy and having abundant energy is vital for success.  After all if you don’t feel good you wont be able to perform at optimal levels.  Very few successful people work a simple eight-hour day come home and watch TV.  Success takes effort and fortitude, it takes the strength of will, character and body to get back up after a tough defeat.  Building yourself physically will help you on your road too success.


Strength of spirit or strength of character is last but not least on this list and it may be the most important of the three.  To have an iron will, to be morally good and right, and to be able to have insight into others comes from character.  To have conviction in your vision, to have the confidence in your self and your ideas will go a very long way.  Strength of body can make you a bully without strength of character, and strength of mind can lead you down dark roads without the proper spirit to temper it.


Ultimately the quality of an individual in the business world can be measured by analyzing three characteristics; strength of mind, strength of character and strength of body.  Strength of mind has to do with the ability to teach and learn and the ability tot plan and analyze, strength of body has to do with having an abundance of energy and a good fortitude, strength of spirit is indicative of one who has a strong moral compass and the confidence to follow a dream.  These qualities equate to success.


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