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Jul 31, 2015

Limousine Safety

10 Things To Ask Your Limousine Company



With all the excitement surrounding the most momentous of occasions sometimes clients and companies alike lose sight of some of the most important things.  For a limousine company the number one priority must always be the passenger’s safety.  Recent events serve to tragically illustrate this statement.


Here are ten things interested clients should make sure that there contracted companies are doing prior to renting a party bus or a limousine.


1)   Make sure that their vehicles are properly licensed insured and registered.


2)   Make sure that their vehicles are new and are well maintained.


3)   Ask about the hiring process for their chauffeurs, are they screened, drug tested?  If so how often?


4)   Ask about the different safety measure and fail safes the company has.


5)   Ask weather the company books the vehicle several times in a day and if the chauffeur will be rushing from one job to the next.


6)   Check on their track record and the reviews about the company online.


7)   Is the company big or small, a bigger company will generally be more reliable as they have more resources available to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


8)   Does the company sub-contract out its work?  If so then they are putting you in the hands of an entirely unknown operation.


9)   Does the company employ its own mechanic and or have its own facility to do the repairs.


10) How does the representative or sales person make you feel?  What does their facility look like?  If it’s dirty and if things seem shady expect the same from the service.


Please do your homework on the company you are contracting.  Limousine service is more then just a ride, we are responsible for your punctuality, we are responsible for your enjoyment, most importantly we are responsible for your safety and your well-being.


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