Tips For Your Wedding Guests


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Jul 15, 2015

Tips For Your Wedding Guests 

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Choosing a catering hall, picking out a dress, finding a good photographer and coordinating the transportation are only a few of the things that the soon-to-be-married need to contend with.  With all things considered you would think that your guests would be somewhat considerate and they would RSVP in a timely fashion, oddly enough this rarely happens.  Wedding guests notoriously wait until the last minute to let a bride and groom know weather they will be in attendance or not.  Why this is is a mystery, what this does is cause problems and cost money.  


Not knowing how many people you need to accommodate will negatively impact the wedding planning process in two ways.  For one the bride and groom will not know how many rooms they need to block out at the hotels.   For those that don’t know typically the more rooms blocked the cheaper each one will be, and sometimes the hotel will only let you block rooms at a discounted rate if you can guarantee a certain amount of people.  Secondly certain catering halls only entertain weddings that can guarantee a minimum number of people they also need to know each guests diner selection.  If you do not RSVP in a timely manner then the bride and groom can end up paying for plates of food that get thrown in the trash.


Here are several tips for both the guests and the hosts to help keep things running smoothly on that special day.   Send out the invites early; give people plenty of time to respond, and then if they still have not you can send a second set of invitations.   Reserve the bar at the hotel, no one will want the day to end and so having the bar area sectioned off for your guests at the end of the night is always a good idea.  Designate a point person so that all of your hotel guests are accounted for at the beginning of the day and the end of the night.  This way no one is left behind and any set schedule arranged by the bride and groom is adhered too.  This will anticipate those less then considerate guests.  This will also allow you to relax and not worry if old Aunt Sally missed the shuttle or not.  You have enough to stress about on that special day.


Ultimately we don’t think that people are being intentionally inconsiderate, they just most likely do not realize how overwhelming the planning process can be.   Following these suggestions should give you a leg up and help too alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to anticipate each and every one of your guests.  Most important of all remember that its your day and that everyone is here to celebrate your special moment, no matter what you decide they should be happy, and if they aren’t then they weren’t worth your consideration in the first place.


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