When Problems Arise


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Jul 07, 2015

When Problems Arise


In business problems and obstacles are inevitable.  No company runs perfectly and smoothly thru the decades, no company or business is without its trials and tribulations.  Sometimes these come in the form of competition or changes in the industry, sometimes the problems manifest from within, possibly in the form of bad employees or dissatisfied customers.   No matter what the problems may be, sooner or later they will have to be dealt with, and sometimes how you deal with the obstacles before you is what ends up shaping the company the most.


Say for instance a service has been rendered and a customer is dissatisfied.  Some companies may react with the customer is always right attitude, some companies may respond very differently.  In this particular example if you turn around to that unhappy customer and do everything in your power to make it right and then in the end that customer is happy you have turned a negative into a positive.  That customer has seen you at your very worse and now knows that when things go wrong this is how your company will respond.  They will never hesitate to use you or refer their friends to you because they have no fear of you letting them down or not doing the right thing.


When problems occur that are not of your own making, such as lose of business to a competitor the option to turn a negative into a positive still exists.  You can look at that competitor and examine what is it that he is doing that you are not, and then choose to improve your business or service by emulating the competition.  In the case of a change in the industry perhaps growing or changing with the times is what you need to do to make sure that your business continues to be successful.


Ultimately problems are unavoidable but they can sometimes be the catalysts for the most important changes.  Sometimes it takes a problem to show us what we need to do to improve.  Sometimes it takes a problem to show us that a change is coming or has come.  In the end all it takes is a little perspective to turn a negative into a positive.


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