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Top Five Sushi Houses' Of 2017

Posted On: February 02, 2017

One of the great things about living in New York, and especially on Long Island, are your dining options. We have so much good food to choose from, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Seafood, you name it we have it, and all of it is good!   Today we want to take a look at 5 of the absolute greatest Sushi restaurants on Long Island. With a multitude to choose from this was a hard list to put together, please read on to discover what our critics have come up with.

First on our list is a Long Island staple. Kotobuki, in Babylon, has been a favorite for many Long Islanders for the last thirty years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Walking in you are greeted by the distinctive large marlin sculpture, you then flow into the dining area which is small and modest and adds to the allure and charm of this place. The decor over all is very traditional Japanese with the hard woods and light colored walls, but sometimes simple is best when it comes to finding great food in an over saturated market. Contrary to their décor their menu is constantly being reinvented, the challenge with Kotobuki is deciding to try something new or falling back to your tried and true favorites.                                      

 In the last few years a trendy contender has arisen. Aji 53 offers a more posh take on the sushi market with a modern approach to their décor and music. Even their menu and their plating emphasize and more modern feel for a date night or a girls night out. Despite their relative newness and their break from the traditional their food is executed with a culinary precision that is only achieved after years of practice. The vibrant colors of their dishes are complemented by the freshest ingredients and combine to create a beautiful plate and presentation that is almost too good to eat. Almost. 

Kumos, located in Bayshore, offers a fresh take on high end sushi and hibachi, and is always a great time. In a day and age where Sushi has become so commonplace, where once it was considered an adventurous fair, Kumos is still a house for the Sushi connoisseur. Your first impression of this house is how new everything looks, fresh, crisp and clean. Their menu is exotic by todays standards, some of their fish is hard to come by and includes such rarities as Bonita sea urchin and Bluefin tuna, each piece of which is painstakingly presented almost as if feng shui is used in plating their food. The atmosphere is perfect for a quite date night or a party with friends if you want to head into the back too the hibachi tables.

Our newest hang out, you can find one of us on any given day of the week haunting the tables of this casual Sushi house. Formally Shieki, Ohayo rose from its proverbial ashes. Ohayo’s simple lay out offers another take on casual sushi. We’ve never had to wait long to grab a great piece of fish. If you want to relax in a low-key environment, hang out with friends, enjoy a meal and have some great drinks this is the place to go.

And last but not least is this quaint little sushi house in Islip. Koi Kokoro is the quintessential sushi hang-out.   It is tiny and personal and also within walking distance to all the local bars and shops in Islip. A great take on sushi allowing for mixing of rolls and great kitchen food, like hot stone bowls, it is a family run business that doesn’t try to be anything more and lends a comfortable and personal feel to their establishment. They even have a sign in ledger where you can leave critiques and comments and contact information so they can get in touch with you.


Great Restaurants Near Farmingdale's Republic Airport

Posted On: August 12, 2013

Republic Airport occupies 526 acres in East Farmingdale and began operation nearly a century ago in the spring of 1928.  Originally it was used as a testing ground for new aircraft built by local manufactures such as Grumman and Seversky.  It was not until 1965 that the airport became a general aviation airport when the Farmingdale Corporation purchased it.


Today Farmingdale’s Republic Airport boasts a $139 million impact to Nassau and Suffolk Counties each year.  It is most well known for its appeal to traveling executives and corporate clientele.   To these business travelers time is money and the last thing these busy people have time to do is find a good restaurant.  So in the interest of expeditiousness here are three Zagat rated restaurants near Farmingdale’s Republic Airport.

Franks Steak’s is located just over ten miles, at Jericho turnpike in Jericho NY, South West of Republic Airport and has been Zagat rated since 1988.  Zagat survey says Franks has “The best skirt steak on earth.”  A bold statement but it is not far from the truth.  Franks steaks serves only prime aged beef and surpasses the highest standards in the industry.   Franks is no mere steak house and has a large and varied menu that includes chops, chicken, salads and seafood.

Ariana Restaurant is located just under ten miles from Republic Airport, in the township of Huntington, and even after scouring the internet I could not find one negative thing said about this truly unique establishment.  Offering fine Afghan and Vegan cuisine for over 18 years Zagat claims “Araina is Long Island’s best kept vegan secret.”  The food and seasoning in this establishment is incredible and like nothing I have ever tasted before.  Everything I have had the pleasure of trying has been delicious, to the point where when I return I am hesitant to try anything new because I have so enjoyed the previous meals.  This is another fine choice by Zagat and a great selection for any traveling executive.

All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2013 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!

by Jarrad Kulick



Great Restaurants Near New York's LaGuardia International Airport

Posted On: August 23, 2013

Great Restaurants Near LaGuardia International Airport


LaGuardia International airport is a major commuter hub located in the NY metropolitan area.   With over a dozen airlines carrying tens of thousands of passengers daily the queens area surrounding LGA can get a little congested.  No one wants to fight gridlock looking for a reputable place to eat only to be tired and hungry and end up with an over cooked steak or chewy calamari.  In the interest of ravenous jet setters everywhere here are three top notch restaurants located within 15 minuets of LaGuardia airport.


5 Napkin Burger in Astoria.  If you haven’t experienced the 5 Napkin Burger chain yet you are seriously missing out.  The restaurant gets its name from the monstrous signature burgers they serve and it is well earned.  Primarily serving American cuisine 5 napkins offers a Varity of dishes from around the world including several unique burgers that are exclusive to this Avant-guard burger chain.  Serving an a la carte brunch on Saturday and Sunday 5 Napkin Burger in Astoria-Queens is located less then 4 miles from LGA.


Uncle Jacks Steakhouse.  Uncle Jacks is just about 10 miles from LaGuardia Airport and it’s claim as “The Best Steakhouse in New York” is not too far off.  Now given there are some dynamite steakhouses in the NY metro area but Uncle Jacks is certainly a contender.  Uncle Jacks boasts several locations but the original was founded in the early 1930’s and was titled simply Jack’s.   Their mantra is “Where superior quality and obsessive dedication to craft are the norm”.  With an impressive wine menu and the finest USDA Prime Beef Uncle Jacks is a steakhouse not to be missed.


Trattoria L’incontro Italian is the go too Italian restaurant near LaGuardia airport.  Located only three miles from LGA Trattoria L’incontro is the perfect place to stop in after a long flight, whether you just want to have a nice glass of wine at the wine bar or you are looking for some fine Italian dining.   Hand painted murals and an open brick over lend this establishment an air of tradition and comfort and this feeling is also reflected in their vast and somewhat unique menu.  A variety of brick over pizzas are offered at Trattoria L’inconto as well as some very interesting creations (including a brick oven pizza stuffed with chocolate).  Trattoria also offers the type of cuisine you would expect from a restaurant known for its fine dining dishes such as fried calamari, muscles in white sauce and grilled octopus are some of the more popular choices on the menu.


 All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2013 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!

by Jarrad Kulick


Five of the Best Restaurants on Long Island

Posted On: June 15, 2013

Five of the Best Restaurants on Long Island


Long Island is an incredible place to live.  We have all four season, snow in the winter (that is not always a good thing) vibrant springs, colorful falls and of course the warm, sometimes hot, summers.  We have NYC right next-door and the beautiful and charming Hamptons on the other side.  With so much to offer it is no wonder we are inundated with a wide variety of eateries and restaurants, I’m writing this little guide to help point you ladies and gentlemen in the right direction, I present to you five of the best places to eat on Long Island.

First off we have a personal favorite, Pop’s Seafood Shack and Grill in Island Park.  Pop’s is the ultimate warm weather spot.  Located right on the water with Indoor and outdoor seating, fire pits out on the beautiful sandy beach’s, a full bar, and live music Pop’s has it all.  The drink menu is extensive and includes a plethora of frozen deliciousness that makes you feel as if you’re in a tropical paradise.  The best part about Pop’s is the incredible seafood menu from the muscle pots to the tuna lollipops you really can’t go wrong with this menu.  Own a boat?  Pull up to Pop’s private marina for exclusive dine and dock service!

Next up is The Harbor Club at Prime.  Situated on Long Island’s legendary Gold Coast the Harbor club boasts some of the finest seafood cuisine on the east coast.  The venue itself is stunning offering floor to ceiling glass windows allowing their guests to view the colorful sunsets over the magnificent Huntington Harbor.  Impeccable service, fine dining at its best and award winning dishes from Prime’s executive chef Gregg Lauletta make the Harbor Club an absolute iconic establishment.

Il Classico; gorgeous, classy and romantic are just a few of the words used to describe this unbelievable Italian restaurant.  The Il Classico experience begins as soon as you walk in the door, the perfectly professional staff will greet you and seat you and then prepare to be transported to old Italy.  When I tell you the food and atmosphere of this restaurant is truly authentic words do not do it justice, it is something that absolutely must be experienced.   The atmosphere is incredible but the food is the major draw here, it is the freshest Italian food on Long Island by far and the true flavor of some of Italy’s signature dishes can only be experienced at Il Classico.  A great date spot for a special night, one of my favorite parts about this establishment is that they will never rush you!

Vetro Restaurant and Lounge by Russo’s on the Bay is next on our list.  A stunning rooftop lounge combined with a mouthwatering menu has won this establishment the coveted five star diamond award.  This award is more then justified by the personable staff, the glowing ambiance and the savory dishes prepared by World-renowned Chef, Michael DeGeorgio.  Whether you’re seeking a fine dining experience or just a relaxing drink in the rooftop lounge Vetro has it all.

Insignia is the latest fine dining restaurant brought to you by Anthony Scotto.  Redefining the traditional steak house this stylish establishment offers not only the finest prime dry-aged streak but an array of sushi and Asian inspired cuisine as well.  One of the most incredible features of this establishment is the décor, imagine a historic Hamptons mansion replete with copper roofing, quarried stone and cedar shakes combined with the energy and vibe of a trendy Manhattan restaurant that’s Insignia.  Insignia also offers private dining rooms and the option to rent out the entire restaurant for any function be it corporate or celebratory, so the next time you want to take the sales team to diner rent one of their exclusive private dining rooms!

So no matter what our in the mood for, seafood on the beach, classic Italian or Asian fusion Long Island has it all.  You will be doing yourself a great injustice if you pass on any of these phenomenal venues!


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2013 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!



A Long Island Paradise

Posted On: August 28, 2014

A Long Island Paradise



Some of us may not realize it but we live in a veritable paradise.  Long Island is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful places in the world.  Those of us that have grown up here may take the natural beauty and diverse geography for granted, but I would like to take a quick moment to remind you all about how incredible long island really is.


First of all we are on an island less about 23 miles wide, this means that you are no further then a half hour away from a beach no matter where you are, and the beaches here are beautiful.  We live in horse country and on farmland, the trees and flora on Long Island are incredible, vineyards and farms out east punctuated by preserves, arboretums and flower fields throughout and all surrounded by beaches, Long Island is completely stunning from early spring to late fall.   Everything is growing in April, blooming during the summer months, and then the foliage begins to take on those luscious fall colors, very few places in the world can boast such a range of beauty.  When the trees go to rest and the plants close their blooms for the winter, we get snow.  Some of us at this point may be wishing for a mild winter but still very few places in the world will have summers like we do and then still have snow in the winter.  Long Island is the quintessential example of the range of beauty possessed by the four seasons.


There is so much to do here.  We are down the road from the greatest city in the world.  Broadway theaters, gorgeous museums, fantastic nightclubs and fabulous restaurants are what NYC is known for and we are a short train ride away.  Long Island has its own attractions as well, we have the Hamptons out east and a booming wine country with over 40 incredible vineyards to choose from and visit.  We have our own amazing eateries, everything from Italian to Seafood.  We have some of the freshest and best in the world, no matter what your preference there is a five star restaurant for you.


Ultimately an aesthetic paradise and one of the greatest places to live or grown up, long Island is incredible.  From the natural beauty, to the food, to the activities long island lacks nothing.  Love where you live and if you don’t live here come visit us you won’t be disappointed!


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!