The Old Field Vineyards

A Family Owned And Operated Vineyard Located In Southold

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Visit An Historic Agricultural Site on Long Island

The Old Field's Land Being Farmed Dates Back To The Native Americans

The Old Field Vineyards, established in 1974 by Chris Baiz, is a family owned and operated vineyard. After years of producing fruit for sale, The Old Field started making wines, first with its 1997 Pinot Noir, and now Merlots, Cabernet Francs, Chardonnays, Blush de Noir, and newly released Blanc de Noir sparkling wines. The Old Field Vineyards, an agricultural area just one mile east of the village of Southold, had been actively farmed by native Americans for at least five hundred years prior to the arrival of "the first European settlers" in 1640. These "first settlers" bartered with the natives for small parcels of farmland within The Old Field in order to grow their food. By the-mid 1660s, the King of England had decreed that all colonists in America start formalizing their land positions. Those writing the records of the day, referred to all the small family parcels in this area east of Southold as "The Old Field".

For more information on The Old Field Vineyards, please visit their website: The Old Field Vineyards Website.