Leisure Limousine Services

Enjoy Luxury Limousine Service to New York's Best Destinations

Whether it's a vacation, a golf outing, a Long Island limo Wine Tour, or just hitting the town for some shopping, we have a fleet of limousines, luxury cars, SUV's and limo buses that will get you there safely, comfortably, and in high-style. Equipped with the latest and greatest technology, as well as the most professional chauffeurs in the industry (not to mention our immediate confirmation and billing, instant receipts, and easy online booking) getting to where you need to go will be leisurely in and of itself. Find out more about our Leisure Limo Service. We provide service worldwide, to ensure you never need to worry about where to find an executive and classical limousine service with value, honesty, and integrity wherever you go.

Long Island Wine Tours

All–Star Limousine offers great deals in cooperation with some of the region's best vineyards to make our Long Island winery tours among the best ways to spend a day in New York. Enjoy wine tastings, tour the vineyards, and arrive in style with All–Star Limousine. Click on "Leisure Services" in the menu to your left and visit our winery pages to learn more about our great limo wine tours. Ask about our Hudson Valley winery tours.


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