LCT Article - Data Doesn't Lie - All Star Limousine

Posted On: February 12, 2018

LINDENHURST, N.Y. — You don’t have to be a tech wiz to figure out what your clients really want — you just have to implement them properly and act on the information you collect. All Star Limousine Service’s CEO Jim Powers and Sales and Marketing Manager Jarrad Kulick believe in the power of data and have used the feedback to save money and retain clients.

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Best Long Island Wineries Of 2017

Posted On: February 15, 2017

One of the greatest things about long island is its booming wine country; very few things are better on a warm spring day then a trip out to the vineyards. A time honored tradition, most of our 2,753,918 residents have at least tried one of the wines from the multitude of vineyards Long Island has on its east end. Today we are going to take a closer look at 3 of Long Island’s most popular vineyards.

Beginning with Pindar Vineyards, Pindar was manifested from the dream of Dr. Herodotus Damianos in the early 1980’s when vineyards were unheard of on Long Island. It was Dr. Damianos who shaped the wineries out on the east end with Pindar being one of the best-known wine producers out there. One can almost always find a reason to pick up a bottle of winter white, or relax after a long day with a bottle of merlot reserve barrel select, or one of our all-time favorites, their late harvest Riesling dessert wine. My time spent at this vineyard is always time well spent, they have an incredibly knowledgeable sommelier on staff who is always able introduce me to something new with each visit.

Next on the list is Duckwalk, as you enter into a large room with the wine bar dead center you select your wines and make your way to the back deck where you will find live music and an unbelievable view of their vineyard. The go to’s here are the Gatsby red which invokes a time long forgotten when alcohol was outlawed and still in very high demand. Another great selection is the Aphrodite which is a late harvest gewürztraminer, a dessert style wine, that pairs well with cheese, named after the Greek god of love, nothing could be more romantic then sharing a bottle with your better half after finishing a picturesque dinner. Dr. Herodotus Damianos and his son alexander also founded Duckwalk back in 1994. The building has hints of Normandy chateau architecture and is a staple in the Hamptons community.

Next on our tour is Raphael vineyard. Raphaels was born from the vision of proprietor John Petrocelli who named the winery in honor of his father, and continues a centuries old family tradition of wine making. As you walk into one of the most stunning rooms outside of Europe you quickly realize the main room was heavily inspired by Mediterranean architecture. At this location we opted for a wine flight and we were leaning very heavily toward reds, starting with La Fontana, a Bordeaux blend with a full body and a very complex flavor, followed by the estate merlot, a medium body with a balanced acidity, we finished with the cabernet franc, and with a soft hue and rich body this was definitely the favorite of the day. On a personal note, with its old world charm, this is a place I could see myself getting married.

And last on our tour is Vineyard 48, not known for their wine but for the party food and atmosphere. No trip is complete until you stop at Vineyard 48, this is the place to be for the young and the young at heart. Often touted as one big drunken dance party, this is in reality more of a wine bar in a prime location. With free food on a grill and large buckets of wine with fruit in it, not exactly a sangria, but some wine based concoction, you are not likely to leave here with an empty stomach. We love this place for its party life style and low-key atmosphere and it is a good end to a relaxing and beautiful day in Long Islands wine country.


Top Five Sushi Houses' Of 2017

Posted On: February 02, 2017

One of the great things about living in New York, and especially on Long Island, are your dining options. We have so much good food to choose from, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Seafood, you name it we have it, and all of it is good!   Today we want to take a look at 5 of the absolute greatest Sushi restaurants on Long Island. With a multitude to choose from this was a hard list to put together, please read on to discover what our critics have come up with.

First on our list is a Long Island staple. Kotobuki, in Babylon, has been a favorite for many Long Islanders for the last thirty years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Walking in you are greeted by the distinctive large marlin sculpture, you then flow into the dining area which is small and modest and adds to the allure and charm of this place. The decor over all is very traditional Japanese with the hard woods and light colored walls, but sometimes simple is best when it comes to finding great food in an over saturated market. Contrary to their décor their menu is constantly being reinvented, the challenge with Kotobuki is deciding to try something new or falling back to your tried and true favorites.                                      

 In the last few years a trendy contender has arisen. Aji 53 offers a more posh take on the sushi market with a modern approach to their décor and music. Even their menu and their plating emphasize and more modern feel for a date night or a girls night out. Despite their relative newness and their break from the traditional their food is executed with a culinary precision that is only achieved after years of practice. The vibrant colors of their dishes are complemented by the freshest ingredients and combine to create a beautiful plate and presentation that is almost too good to eat. Almost. 

Kumos, located in Bayshore, offers a fresh take on high end sushi and hibachi, and is always a great time. In a day and age where Sushi has become so commonplace, where once it was considered an adventurous fair, Kumos is still a house for the Sushi connoisseur. Your first impression of this house is how new everything looks, fresh, crisp and clean. Their menu is exotic by todays standards, some of their fish is hard to come by and includes such rarities as Bonita sea urchin and Bluefin tuna, each piece of which is painstakingly presented almost as if feng shui is used in plating their food. The atmosphere is perfect for a quite date night or a party with friends if you want to head into the back too the hibachi tables.

Our newest hang out, you can find one of us on any given day of the week haunting the tables of this casual Sushi house. Formally Shieki, Ohayo rose from its proverbial ashes. Ohayo’s simple lay out offers another take on casual sushi. We’ve never had to wait long to grab a great piece of fish. If you want to relax in a low-key environment, hang out with friends, enjoy a meal and have some great drinks this is the place to go.

And last but not least is this quaint little sushi house in Islip. Koi Kokoro is the quintessential sushi hang-out.   It is tiny and personal and also within walking distance to all the local bars and shops in Islip. A great take on sushi allowing for mixing of rolls and great kitchen food, like hot stone bowls, it is a family run business that doesn’t try to be anything more and lends a comfortable and personal feel to their establishment. They even have a sign in ledger where you can leave critiques and comments and contact information so they can get in touch with you.


The 2017 Lincoln Continental

Posted On: November 27, 2016

With a bold and stunning new look Lincoln unveils its latest achievement, the all-new Continental.   Not since The L series Town car has any vehicle held such promise for the executive car service industry. An elegant design combines with a multitude of amenities and features to create the ultimate in executive travel.

It begins with the unique new Lincoln star mesh signature grill guaranteed to get your attention. The star mesh signature grill is flanked by two dynamic adaptive headlamps that swivel side to side with the turn of the steering wheel; these headlamps include options such as speed control and full LED reflectors. The headlamps combine with the luxurious looking Lincoln star mesh to create a front end that is simply jaw dropping. The lines of this car break boundaries and with the above mentioned star mesh grill, an elegant boat bottom roof, and integrated LED tail lamps that lay flush with the hood Lincoln's top shelf design team is really raising the bar. To us this vehicle is Lincoln’s greatest aesthetic achievement.

But beauty is not enough, when it comes to executive car service performance and comfort are equally as important, and the 2017 Lincoln Continental does not disappoint. In fact with power lumbar support, heating and ventilation capabilities, more then amble legroom, reclining rear seat options, Weir Deepsoft leather seating, genuine wood accents and a 30 way perfect position seats riding in this vehicle is nothing short of a privilege. These features only scratch the surface and help to offer a rear-seating package that is more comfortable then most people’s living rooms.   With how quite and smooth the ride and engine are the Revel 19 speaker sound system seems a bit over the top, but in true Lincoln style the Revel delivers every note too your ears with a crisp clear quality unmatched by most entertainment systems.

Overall the 2017 Continental by Lincoln exceeds expectations, and their tag line “Let Anticipation give way to elation” is well deserved. The most gorgeous of designs combines with a handcrafted interior and the latest technologies to create a truly unbelievable driving experience. The Continental will set the new standard for executive and corporate travel.


The Power of Positivity

Posted On: October 07, 2016

Negative and positive, the good and the bad, polar opposites that battle one another for control of our daily lives. The power of positive thought is an amazing thing. Some of you, I am sure, are asking why, some of you look at the optimist and shake your heads arguing that reality is what it is and oftentimes it is not all sunshine and rainbows. So why should we turn a blind eye to the negative?

 Life, in large part, is about perspective. Our world is what we ourselves make it or allow it to be. We have the power to shape the reality around us. If you think things are bad, or that they are going to be bad, then they will be. If you walk into a job interview doubting you will get hired, chances are you won’t. If you think that girl you have a crush on is out of your league most likely you will never go out with her.

It goes beyond the psychological self-fulfilling prophecy; our state of mind has a physiological effect on our body chemistry. Happy, positive thinking releases endorphins that give us energy and strength, they shade our view of things in a good way.   In addition what scientists have recently discovered is of even greater importance, it has recently been shown that positive or negative emotions create neural pathways in our brain, the same way that performing an action or leaning something does. What this means is that the more often you put yourself in a positive frame of mind the easier it is to feel that way, the same is true with negative thoughts or emotions. After all practice makes perfect. Having an optimistic or positive demeanor can also impact the people around you, ask yourself would you rather be around someone who’s happy all the time or someone who is constantly miserable?

Having an optimistic perspective is important for so many reasons. The best part about how you view your life is that you have total control over it. Your frame of mind can be leaned, practiced and strengthened. Do yourself and those around you a favor, walk through life with a smile not a scowl.