Warwick Valley Winery

Located In Warwick Valley In The Beautiful Hudson Valley Region

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The winery started as a hobby 1994 by Joseph Grizzanti, a physician and his wife Katherine. Katherine currently runs the Pané Café. In 2002, Jeremy Kidde made an investment in the winery and moved back east to Warwick to work with Jason Grizzanti to develop the winery into a sustainable business. Jason is an owner and does the distilling. Jeremy, from San Francisco, is the business manager and an owner. Jeremy mentioned enjoying visiting wineries when he lived in California. Today the winery has 15 employees. Warwick produces 26,000 cases of wine and 1,500 cases of spirits.

Warwick Valley Winery has a good size tasting room with a copper covered tasting counter. Several antique-style pieces of furniture display numerous gourmet food items and gift baskets. Food items included Garlic Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Goot Essa Cheese, apple dips and dip mixes. Other interesting items available for purchase include olive oil bottles, handmade soaps and wine bottle stoppers. An adjacent room has numerous tables where visitors can enjoy lunch purchased in the Pané Café. The cafe specializes in soups, sandwiches, salads and pizza. From the dining area, a large window provides a view of the gleaming copper distillery.

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