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Jun 12, 2012

There are some questions that come up regularly in planning stages of a wedding.. Everything from bdget, choosing a dress to selecting a venue and date is important to a bride. Don't forget about your transportation for the bride and groom, grandma and grandpa, and even the wedding guests.

Bride - Limousine

Here we attempt to uncover some of the answers to three of those questions.

"Can I have liquor in the party bus?" 

• By law a limousine company cannot supply liquor inside of a bus. But the passenger put their own on board the day before the event.

"I want to be seen in an extra elegant chauffeur vehicle. But I don't want to rent a vintage wedding car."

• A nice choice can be to arrive in a black and white limousine pair. The bride arrives first in her white limo with her family. With the groom arriving behind them in his timeless black limousine. This type of pairing offers distinction while not breaking the bank. 

"I want to be seen in a vintage wedding car but my budget doesn't allow it."

• An easy solution for this is simply to arrive in a stretch limousine and depart in a vintage wedding car. Everyone is excited and taking pictures as you leave the wedding. Have the vintage wedding car there ready to take you away into the sunset.

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