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Three Proven Ways To Generate Customer Loyalty

Posted On: July 22, 2016

Customer loyalty and branding are not what they used to be.  Years ago if people had a positive experience with a company, or they bought a product they liked, they would keep coming back.  After all, why wouldn’t they? The challenge back then had to do with the difficulty in researching a new product or service, finding someone you trusted who owned or had already tried the service and then taking the chance that the new product will be as good as the one you previously purchased.  It was a time before internet reviews and amazon, a time when fathers and sons bough the same model automobile because they new it was tried and true.  These days are gone.

In a market that is ever expanding and ever changing there are constant innovations and fierce competition for a relatively static customer base.   There is always someone who can do it better, cheaper or faster, willing to lie, cheat and steal to acquire your hard won customer.  So how, in this day and age, can we keep our valued clients?  What keeps our customers from getting sold or stolen by the competition?  Here are three tactics that even in today’s fast paced business environment will win you customers and clients for life.

1)   Have a consistent and quality service or product.  Everyone can be good once, if they were not able to shine when pulling out all the stops they wouldn’t be in business very long.  The key here is to be good consistently.  To offer a product or service that does not disappoint.  If your business is able to execute an exceptional service day in and day out, your client would never even think of Googling your competition.  And even if he were so inclined if you always make him happy why would he take the chance on someone else?

2)   Place value on your customers and treat them fairly.  Even though our world and the way we do business has become increasingly disconnected (the days of the handshake are far behind us)  it is important  to still be conscious of the fact that on the other end of the phone is a human being.   These people on the other end of the line are giving you their hard earned money, it is important that you treat them with respect and show them that their business is valuable to you.  This is not something that can be faked, maybe once or twice you can force a smile and fool your customer, but today’s consumers are not stupid and they are very well informed.  To keep a customer you must be genuine, show them they matter to you, and treat them as you yourself would like to be treated. 

3)   When things go wrong or a customer is dissatisfied do the right thing.  This may be the most important of the three tips, and it is when your business has an opportunity to show a client how you operate when their worst fears are made manifest about a service or product.   When people shop they are taking a risk, they are giving you their trust and they are saying ok I believe in your company enough to think that you will do what is advertised, and I trust my expectations will be met.  When this does not happen the customers trust is lost and you have dropped the ball in the worst way.  Unfortunately even the best and biggest companies have their bad days and sometimes things happen that are not in our control.  The good news is that gives you the opportunity to create the strongest bond possible with your client and to show they how you operate when you are at your worst.  This is when it is most important to give refunds, offer free service and do whatever it takes to turn that negative into a positive.  Do more then what the customer expects in return, give them a new product that works and a discount on future products, refund them the cost of the meal and give them a gift certificate for the next time.  This way the customer sees how you handle a bad situation. Now they will not only continue to use you but they will be more willing to refer your business to friends as they have seen the worst and you made it more then right.  The fear is gone and it now becomes nearly impossible for you to disappoint.  This is the best way to ensure continued customer loyalty and to generate that life long client.

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