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2018 Wedding Trends

Posted On: April 11, 2018

2018 Wedding Trends

While some traditions will always reign true, there are definitely some new and upcoming trends for 2018 as far as wedding planning goes.


The classic white stretch limousine hasn’t been at the forefront of most wedding photos as of late. Couples are going with vintage lead cars such as the 1962 Rolls Royce for themselves and opting for larger party buses to accommodate their groomsmen and bridesmaids. Even the Mercedes Sprinter vans and larger shuttles are gaining more popularity with wedding parties, as more of the pre-wedding is happening at hotels and less brides are getting ready at their homes, but instead booking hotel rooms. A lot of the time the room blocks are for family that has come from out of town, and will need transportation to and from the venue as well as the bride and groom’s parties. Shuttles are larger and more comfortable than the traditional stretch limos, especially when you are wearing dresses and suits. The same can be said for party buses, you get more amenities, and more comfort as opposed to the stretches. Party buses give you just that- more room to party. With tons of cooler space, a bar, Bluetooth audio, light systems, room to get up and dance and even a bathroom these buses have everything you need for an amazing event. Some couples even book their getaway car for the end of the night and join all the fun during the day on the bus! We have seen that not all couples are following limo tradition, but instead, doing things differently and thinking outside the box. You can trust you are getting exactly what you need at All Star Limousine with our custom wedding packages. We take the time to go over your itinerary with you to help you determine not only the most logical and economical options, but also make sure your day is a memorable and personalized experience.

Getting Away

Accepting the local cultures of exotic destinations for wedding celebrations has been common in 2017 and has continued in 2018, especially those where you can really be off the grid. Couples who are planning destination weddings are more likely to bring a smaller wedding party, which allows for a more intimate experience. Sending “teasers” in the mail leading up to the trip is also a fun idea, it really lifts the excitement. Packages that include a small bag of local wine or coffee and a list to help your guests pack for the itinerary is a great way to make everything that much easier. Booking the hotels and having a concierge appointed for your wedding is a nice touch to make everyone feel welcome when they arrive.

Wedding Parties

Speaking of more intimate experience, brides have been choosing smaller groups or even a single maid of honor in 2018. This is a huge change from recent years where large groups of almost 13 was the norm! More brides are throwing after parties where they can change into lighter dress and keep the party going with late night food options and in some cases an entirely new location. In some cases they are even renting houses or getting hotel rooms so guests do not even have to worry about getting home until the next morning.


Dark and moody florals, textured linens, marble dance floors and clean designs are all the rage for 2018. Venues that have glass ceilings and tables are popular by demand. Having a clean canvas to work with so couples can add their own personalized textures and touches with unique place cards, florals and lighting is very in right now. Venues like this give the couples a chance not only to have a hand in decorating the room for that day, but really setting the whole ambiance to whatever suits them. It is personal and unique.

Memorable Entertainment

Instead of sending guests home with party favors that get stashed away in a drawer somewhere, couples are focusing on creating memories. By hiring more than one form of entertainment to create an unforgettable night, do not be surprised to see tarot card readers, sketch artists, magicians and other forms of unexpected entertainment at the next wedding you are attending! Even theater like performances and signature eats are becoming a popular trend. Guests can choose from a his or her dining option based on foods of choice from both bride and groom. Some other crowd-pleasing options include open-fire cooking such as Korean BBQ, real time chef plating and table side preparations like Caesar salads and guacamole. With all this fun going on, by the time the cake is being cut, everyone is out on the dance floor or being mesmerized by a magician, and that is why passed cake bites are becoming trendy. With enticing flavor pairings such as raspberry mouse and vanilla buttercream, hazelnut almond with grand Marnier, ginger spice, lemon custard cream and even bananas foster, the possibilities are endless. With cake bites you also get a chance to have many different designs as well as flavors, leftovers are easier to send home with guests as well.


10 Wedding Tips From Those That Have Been There

Posted On: October 07, 2014

10 Wedding Tips From Those That Have Been There



Planning your wedding can be a daunting, time consuming and stressful task.  At All Star we see thousands of brides and grooms and we make it a point to follow up with them and ask for their feedback.  We are not only concerned about the transportation, but the day as a whole, this allows our sales department and event coordinators to better advise those brides and grooms who are overwhelmed or need help.  Below are ten tips from some All Star brides and grooms.


1-    Two things to not skimp on are the photography and the transportation.  Your pictures are one of the few things that you will take away with you after the wedding.  Getting to you’re church and then to pictures and ultimately to the venue is important, not to mention getting everyone home at night.

2-    Budget and try not to overspend, the day goes quick and many people wish they had saved more for a house or the honeymoon.

3-    Your friends and family are going to want to help, let them.  There is a lot involved in planning a wedding and its good listen to those that have been there before.

4-    Create a separate email account for all your wedding vendors as the amount of junk mail you will receive is staggering.

5-    Get recommendations and read the reviews when selecting your vendors.  Go online to one of a hundred websites and read the reviews left by past brides and grooms.  Take some with a grain of salt but if the majority are saying the same thing believe that.

6-    Make sure that during the reception you take a moment and enjoy it.  The day flies by, take a second to be present and really experience what is going on around you.

7-    You will not please everyone so when in doubt or a conflict of wants occurs do what is going to make you happy.

8-    Eat a lot before hand and try not to go too crazy planning the food that day because you will most likely not eat any of it.

9-    At one point something will not go 100% according to plan, do not freak out everything will work out in the end.

10-Get the open bar but do not drink too much yourself.  The wedding night is usually as important as the wedding day!


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest! 


Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Posted On: November 25, 2014

Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?


For many people saying your wedding vows to the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with is the most sacred part of your wedding day.  These are the few moments where you look into your loved ones eyes, in front of his family and yours, and you really open up your heart to him.  Many couples choose to go with the standard and the traditional, saying the words that have been said for centuries, after all who wants to say something stupid or shallow during one of the most intimate and exposing moments of your life.  If you are bold or romantic and you wish to speak truly from the heart you may opt for writing your own vows, if you do here are several tips to help keep it classic and beautiful.



1-Make promises, it sounds better to preface a statement with “I promise” as opposed to “I will”.


2-Keep it relevant, make notes about your relationship.  Talk about when you first fell in love, why you decided to get married, or where you first met.


3-Agree on a format and a style, decide if you want it to be funny and romantic or poetic and serious.


4- Decide if you are going to write them together or separately, and will you be saying the same things or making completely different promises.


5-Stay away from lengthy and over involved vows.  Don’t tell too many inside jokes or anything that will embarrass you or your loved one.  Keep things short and sweet, remember your not there to tell a story, you’re there to make a promise in front of those closest to you.


6-Practice, practice, practice, unless you are planning on keeping them a secret practice saying your vows to him out loud.  If you want them to be a surprise then have your maid of honor or best man listen to you and help fine-tune them.  This is supposed to be a conversation, not just a reading aloud of written words.


Writing your own vows is a beautiful and wonderful thing but it’s not for everyone and it’s certainly not easy.  There’s a reason most couples stick to the traditional vows, mostly because it’s easy to embarrass yourself or become stressed when trying to come up with your own.  If you do decide to write your own vows take the advice above and hopefully it will make things easier.


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest! 



Being Positive On Your Wedding Day

Posted On: April 23, 2015

Being Positive On Your Wedding Day 

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, and it is also going to be one of the most stressful days of your life.  Anyone who tells you any different has either never been married before or has forgotten what it is really like.  The stress factor is multiplied in areas like New York or California where weddings are opulent and extravagate affairs.   The best way to handle stress on your wedding is to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.


The reality is that something somewhere alone the lines will not go one hundred percent according to plan.  The flowers will be a little wilted, the DJ is playing bad music or maybe there’s another wedding at your catering hall and they are taking away from your special day.  Despite all the planning and all the preparation these things happen and most of the time it is completely out of your control.  So the best thing to do is ignore it, you can’t change it, and agonizing or freaking out about it wont make it any better, so just accept it and move on. 


Plan properly and give your self enough time to do and get the things that you want, but on the day of just let it all happen.  Make sure you enjoy your day.  The time, the money and the stress that went into planning everything is for nothing if you end up in tears the day of. 


Ultimately no matter how much planning you do something will most likely go awry.   Stay positive and make sure to enjoy your wedding.  The only one that can ruin your day is you!


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!


Real Testimonials

Posted On: August 01, 2013

All Star Limousine wants to give a special thank you to all of our loyal customers and clients.  Without you we would not be who we are.  It is sincerely our pleasure to have the opportunity to service you.  To know that we have met your expectations and satisfied all of your needs fills us with a feeling of pride and accomplishment and so from all of us at All Star Limousine we thank you.


“Good morning, I have been using ALL STAR since my wedding which was 18yrs ago. I found you thru a wedding expo & you were operating out of the garage in your home, I will never use anyone else because you guys are TRULY THE BEST!!! Over the years I've seen you grow & become more sophisticated than anyone else who is out there, & I always recommend you to anyone who needs 1st class service. Keep up the GREAT work, I look forward to using you again for future occasions. Regards John”


-John McCartin



I would like to extend my thanks for your professional services you provided us for my daughters wedding. Your drivers were excellent, especially Tim. Everything you told me was on cue from start to finish and I appreciate a tight run business with total on time delivery!

"All Star" Limo is an appropriate name for your company, but if you ever need to change the name..."Smooth as Silk Limo" might work as well!

Thank again. Regards,”

-Ted Moran


“Hello Jim,

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart to you and your entire team for making our event go as smoothly and flawlessly as your company runs.  My family thanks you so very much and they can't say enough about how great the service was all around.  Larry was the best driver I've ever had and he even held the umbrella for all the guests as they left in the rain while giving out the cookie gifts!  I have already recommended you to all of my top clients and there shall be many more to follow.  Please let me know if there's anything that you ever need and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Thanks again and have a wonderful evening!!!
Wishing you all the best always,”

-Matt Fisher
Director of Sales
The Garden City Hotel

"I used All Star for Prom this year on a recommendation from my older brother. Their service was top-notch, I spoke with Danny on the phone and he was very diligent, you could tell he really cared about the arrangements. I decided on a Rolls Royce limousine to deliver my party to Prom. (It was a big hit.)

When the limo arrived at my house it was sparkling clean like it had just been detailed! The chauffeur was very upscale and made the night a success with his great attitude.
Will definitely call on them again, if I ever need a limo again. (Getting married??)"



"ALL 10's - I am glad you sent this email as I had every intention of calling with compliments. Your company is wonderful. From the constant communication to the prompt and courteous drivers, my experience could not have been better. I will definitely use all star again. I would also go out of my way to insist that others use you as well. My first experience with all star was 25 years ago for prom and you were great then. I noticed your beautiful new building which is what prompted me to call you. I look forward to using you in the future. Thank you again. Laurie" Salvatore.

-Laurie Salvatore


"We are writing to thank you for the wonderful service Debbie and all your staff provided for our daughter's wedding on Saturday, July 6th.

Theresa and her husband Anthoony had a wonderful wedding day and your staff was a large part of it.  Each driver was more then helpful as they coordinated our moves thorughout the day.  They were punctual and very professional.  It was a large wedding party including 8 childeren, but the party bus driver and the attendant were extremely helpful getting them all to church, photos and the reception at Russo's on the Bay in a timely fashion.  The Town car drivers made it very comfortable riding to the church, reception and back home at the end of the evening."

Our thanks to all!


-Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hargrove

If anything can be said about All Star, it's in their name. They are a class act. Debbie was wonderful to deal with and she helped make our wedding day transportation perfect. With the Rolls and Escalade getting to the hotel early, to Bobby making me feel like I was his own dauhter, Dave taking care of our bridal party and Chris driving our guests to and from the reception in the pary bus, everything went off on time and without a hitch! I will recommend anyone I know to use All Star and if the need arises I will use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks to them, my day started and ended perfectly!

Posted by Terese and Andrew
Married Saturday December 8

Somehow, transportation for my son's wedding got overlooked.  I called Debbie two days before the wedding and she could not have been more helpful or accommodating.  She promised me the moon and she still exceeded our expectations.  The driver, Larry, was wonderful to my son and daughter-in-law. He carried all kinds of things for them on an extremely warm day and was patient from beginning to end. I could not recommend All Star Limo more highly!

-Suzy G. (Yelp 9/2/13)

We use Allstar about 4 times a year whenever we go on vacation and have never been disappointed.  The service is exceptional , the car is always sitting out side at least 15 min early so I am never worried about being late to the airport. Every driver is professional and drives perfect . I have and will continue to recommend to friends and colleagues . It is a pleasure to work with a company that values customer service

Elizabeth Keller (9/19/13)

Dear Jarrad,
I have been a customer for the past few years.  I have mainly used your service for personal use, to and from the airport.  I felt compelled to write this email to let you know how pleased I am with your service.  On February 13, 2014, there was a terrible snow storm here on Long Island.  Our family was scheduled to take an international flight leaving from JFK. Airport  Since we live in East Islip, NY this was about an hour ride.  When the terrible weather ensued, we were very worried about our flight.  Would we get there on time? Would our flight be canceled?  It was quite stressful.  Your company was our saving grace.  While other friends using similar companies were being told there would be no driver coming or were a no-show, our driver was at our home an hour earlier than scheduled. This took an enormous amount of pressure off of us and set the tone for a fantastic vacation.  We arrived at the airport safely and ahead of schedule.  We cannot thank you enough and look forward to using your service again in the future.


-Donna Bernhardt



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All Star Limousine Service

All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2013 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!

by Jarrad Kulick