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The 2017 Lincoln Continental

Posted On: November 27, 2016

With a bold and stunning new look Lincoln unveils its latest achievement, the all-new Continental.   Not since The L series Town car has any vehicle held such promise for the executive car service industry. An elegant design combines with a multitude of amenities and features to create the ultimate in executive travel.

It begins with the unique new Lincoln star mesh signature grill guaranteed to get your attention. The star mesh signature grill is flanked by two dynamic adaptive headlamps that swivel side to side with the turn of the steering wheel; these headlamps include options such as speed control and full LED reflectors. The headlamps combine with the luxurious looking Lincoln star mesh to create a front end that is simply jaw dropping. The lines of this car break boundaries and with the above mentioned star mesh grill, an elegant boat bottom roof, and integrated LED tail lamps that lay flush with the hood Lincoln's top shelf design team is really raising the bar. To us this vehicle is Lincoln’s greatest aesthetic achievement.

But beauty is not enough, when it comes to executive car service performance and comfort are equally as important, and the 2017 Lincoln Continental does not disappoint. In fact with power lumbar support, heating and ventilation capabilities, more then amble legroom, reclining rear seat options, Weir Deepsoft leather seating, genuine wood accents and a 30 way perfect position seats riding in this vehicle is nothing short of a privilege. These features only scratch the surface and help to offer a rear-seating package that is more comfortable then most people’s living rooms.   With how quite and smooth the ride and engine are the Revel 19 speaker sound system seems a bit over the top, but in true Lincoln style the Revel delivers every note too your ears with a crisp clear quality unmatched by most entertainment systems.

Overall the 2017 Continental by Lincoln exceeds expectations, and their tag line “Let Anticipation give way to elation” is well deserved. The most gorgeous of designs combines with a handcrafted interior and the latest technologies to create a truly unbelievable driving experience. The Continental will set the new standard for executive and corporate travel.