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Wedding Trends for the Modern Groom

Posted On: August 14, 2018

One of the most memorable moments is when you first see your husband-to-be waiting for you, all dressed up in his best suit. His wedding day attire can be reflective of his personal style, there are amazing options for every season and every budget. Here are some of the styles trending now…

If you’re going for a sleek and sophisticated vibe black tie is the way to go. You can request that your guests dress the part too.

wedding tuxedo photo

While navy blue has been a timeless and classic choice for weddings, a slightly lighter blue has been taking the stage lately. Royal blue is in right now, it gives off a younger vibe, however it is still elegant with plenty of color pairing options. From yellows to light pinks and purples, cream, or even a light grey, this suit color is very versatile. Pair with tan or brown shoes, you can go gold or silver on accessories too. This color leaves a lot of wiggle room for your true style to shine through.

Blue Tuxedo Groom

For a more casual look, a light-colored jacket can be paired with almost any color depending on the month. Burgundy and navy pants work well for autumn while matching light colors and pastels are great for warmer months.

Autumn Tuxedo colors

No matter your preference there is a suit for you!  Don't be afraid to be creative and show off your style on your special day!