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Exceeding Expectations

Posted On: April 05, 2016

All of us are individuals, we are each motivated by things specific and unique to each of us.  Some of us prioritize family, some of us love, some of us wealth.  Some of us prioritize honor or respect, kindness or intelligence.  Each of us has his or her own set of values, beliefs and desires, and in many case these values will vary significantly from individual to individual.  In order to surpass the expectations of your client or customer an intimate understanding of what is most important to him or her is vital.

As an example of service let us use executive transportation.  You may have a corporate client who values his privacy who in the early hours of his workday desperately seeks peace and quiet.  This individual may want a driver who opens the door, smiles politely, and then rolls up the partition as he navigates quickly to the client’s destination. The next day you may be taking a family of four to the airport for their vacation, dad wants to sit up front with the driver and have a long conversation about anything and everything, he wants to know who’s transporting his wife and kids and he wants his family to feel warm and comfortable as they begin their vacation.  It takes a true service professional to know the difference between these two clients and then be able to give each what they need.

Understanding motivations, exercising emotional intelligence and having the desire or dedication to execute and adapt to the needs of your clients is what creates the ultimate service experience.  Being able to empathize and exceed expectations should be the goal of every service professional.  Knowing your clients, and understanding the differences between them, is what will allow you to exceed their expectations and create customers for life.

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