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Aug 28, 2012

Navigating through the famous traffic of New York can be a challenge for any driver.  It is comforting to know that you can turn to a limo service when you need some extra help getting around. The ways you can use a New York limo for luxury transportation and A-list style are only as limited as your imagination. Consider the following situations when a New York limo can take your journey to the next level:

Are You Traveling to an Unfamiliar Region?

New York Limo Service is Always an Option

It is so easy to become lost in a strange place, far from your desired destination, and very possibly uneasy.  Do you really want to stop for directions or study  a map?  What is the alternative?  Cab fare adds up, and not all drivers are pleasant or careful.  Public transportation is hardly a pleasure when  you are hurried, or dressed up, or on vacation?  A limo service is your guarantee of finding your way - on time - no matter how little you know about the area.

Will You Be Celebrating an Event with Alcohol? 

If you're going to be enjoying a glass or two of Merlot with your steak, a New York limo is an outstanding solution for staying safe. A limo service is a great method of transportation for big events like rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties, weddings, wine tastings or vineyard tours.

Do You Have Tickets or Reservations? 

If you are attending any event with a definite start time, you do NOT want to battling traffic on your own.  The traffic in any of the country's major cities is unpredictable, finding your way can be difficult, and finding safe parking can be a time-consuming process.  Let a limo service deal with the stress!

Do Your Kids Have a Big Event to Attend? 

Chauffeurs are neither babysitters nor chaperons, but they will gladly stick to the itinerary requested by parents.  A limo service can also help your teens avoid driving on prom night.  Teens are still developing their defensive driving skills, and New York limos are an awesome solution for getting around without sacrificing looking cool.  

Does Your Group Have 5, 10 or 30 Members?

If your party is too large to fit comfortably in a family car, you're not stuck with doing a caravan of vehicles.  Most stretch limos seat around 6 to 10 passengers but a limo service can provide luxurious mini-buses for groups of around 30.

Do You Have to Be Somewhere Fast? 

Whether speeding from hotel to airline departure gate, or heading to a crucial meeting, a New York limo service can help you navigate airport security and big apple traffic swiftly.

Are You Simply Too Sleepy to Drive Safely? 

Driving tired is a dangerous endeavor. Relax and catch some shut-eye on the road with the help of a New York limo service. A limo's reclining seats and sound-blocking technology can provide you with much needed respite.

Are You Faced With a Long Journey?

Thanks to state-of-the-art amenities and really comfortable seating, New York limos are an exceptional option for extended drives. A big-screen TV, superb sound system, and refreshments can all make the time pass effortlessly.

Do You Want to Make a Splash? 

No cab or public transportation option will allow you to make a dramatic entry like stepping out of a New York limo.  You will arrive without wrinkled clothes or ruffled nerves; cool, calm, and ready for anything!

Are You On a Tight Work Deadline?

Limos are a beloved secret of executives because the quiet, comfortable interior is perfect for holding mobile-meetings or putting the finishing-touches on your presentation. If you're needing to finish a project, a New York limo can be the perfect space for multi-tasking on the go.

Do You Want to Wow Someone? 

Picking someone up with New York limo service certainly makes then feel special.  Kick off your anniversary celebration, pop the question in a stretch limo, or thank a colleague or client for their patronage - you will make an impression!

Whatever challenges stand in the way of your journey, New York limo service is a real option for ground transportation in luxury, safety and style. 

AllStar Limo has provided exceptional luxury transportation in Long Island, New York City and Worldwide for over 30 years. Wherever your journey may take you, an AllStar limo can make all the difference in the world. Please contact us to reserve limo service for executive travel, New York weddings or any other special event.