The Top Three Worst Ways To Propose


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Nov 14, 2014

The Top Three Worst Ways to Propose

Proposing to your true love can be stressful and scary.   I would like to think that most people understand the one they’re with enough to know if its time to pop the question, but not everyone is completely honest and some people are just oblivious.  There exist several common ways to propose that are absolutely horrific and should be avoided at all costs.  In an effort to reduce the mostly unavoidable stress of a proposal below are three ways you should never propose.


1)   Hiding the wedding ring in her food.  This is an absolute no no, it may seem clever or cute but there are so many problems with this approach that it should not even be a consideration.  In case you have the imagination of a doorknob let me illustrate; first of all if she manages to extract the ring the stone and band will be a mess.  She could swallow the wedding ring, or she could just bite into it damaging her teeth or the ring itself or more likely both.

2)   Proposing in public or on TV.  A wedding proposal should be a private and romantic thing not some big public event.  If you want to shout her name from the mountaintops wait till after she says yes.  The additional pressure of an audience or a crowd is not what you need during these delicate moments.

3)   Avoid those “extreme” proposals.  Do not propose on a hot air balloon, a roller-coaster, a skydive or anywhere where you could potentially drop or lose the ring.  Nothing is dumber then whipping out that 5k rock and then letting your sweaty butterfingers let said rock fly into the wild blue never.   Even if you think you have nerves of steel when you go to slip the ring on her finger, or hand it to her and then she drops it, she will never forgive herself, or you. 


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