All Star Limousine Executive Summary


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Dec 12, 2014

All Star Limousine Executive Summary



All Star Limousine has been in operation since 1982 and has been a leader in the international executive car service industry for over 30 years.  All Star Limousine guarantees perfect service in an industry that is known for being problematic, we are able to do this through several different methods and systems.   We have technologies and business practices almost unheard of in our industry implemented in an effort to ensure a flawless transportation experience every day and all over the world.  Our services are proven and we operate like no one else in our industry.


All Star Limousine guarantees perfect service.  We have a 12-18 month turnaround time that allows us to provide our clients with only the newest vehicles available.  We have multiple massive in-door facilities where we house the majority of our fleet.  These locations have in-door car washes and mechanic facilities where these vehicles are maintained and cared for daily.  We have a fleet of over 200 hundred vehicles and are equipped to handle clients of any size.  Each one of these vehicles are equipped with the latest in information technologies and amenities, including but not limited too iPad’s, Drive Cams, Omatics GPS, Two-way radios and all the typical luxuries you would find in any modern vehicle.


Our chauffeurs are the best in the business.  Hand picked and extensively trained we have a tiered driver system, in other words we send only experienced and proven professionals to our corporate clients.  Every driver on our roster is properly licensed and insured by All Star Limousine.  These gentlemen undergo continual education that covers topics such as customer service, ground logistics, emotional intelligence and information technology.  We pride our selves on having a team of truly unbelievable men and women who are dedicated to providing nothing but the very best in transportation services.   As far as professionalism, knowledge of the areas that they service, punctuality and customer service the All Star chauffeurs are unmatched.


We can provide service all over the world via out international affiliate network.  This is a network that has been cultivated and nurtured for nearly a decade in an effort to ensure that the quality of our service is consistent everywhere in the world.  This is done by building relationships, constant site visits and a system of checks and balances that has been developed by the dedicated professionals in All Star Limousine’s worldwide department.  We have over 450 affiliates internationally and we are fortunate enough to have found like-minded ladies and gentlemen who are as dedicated to service as we are.


All Star Limousine never closes, we operate at full capacity 24/7/365 and our phone lines are always manned by reservationists and dispatchers directly employed by All Star Limousine, we never forward our calls to an outside service. Reservations can be made via several methods, phone, email or directly through our website and they can be made the same day, sometimes even a few minutes prior to the time of the requested pick up.  We do triple confirmations as well as send care alerts via text message, email or phone letting you know that the driver is en-route or on location.  We typically handle anywhere from 300-500 transfers daily.  We have fully customizable account options that are refined over time in a continual effort to provide for you that perfect service, some of these options include preferred drivers, pick up locations and vehicle types.  We have an extensive checks and balances system built into our reservations process that includes phone recordings, automatic email confirmations and a triple checking of each reservation to eliminate any possibility of human error.  The entire staff of dispatchers, reservationists, accountants and managers are dedicated, passionate professionals that work as a fluid machine designed specifically to handle corporate travel needs.


Ultimately All Star Limousine offers a service that the competition does not.  We simply do more then any other executive car service currently operating.  We are built to handle large volumes of work domestically and internationally and our company prides itself on offering quality service consistently.  We have a multitude of methods with which we guarantee our service included in everything from our vehicles to our office staff.  We promise perfection and we deliver.


All Star Limousine is a Long Island, New York based company with an extensive global reach; we provide expert Wedding, Special Event and Executive Travel services throughout the Tri-State area and the world. We have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry; our attention to detail, 2014 top-of-the-line vehicles and professional trained Chauffeurs set us apart from the rest!