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Mar 18, 2014

It’s Prom Time Again!



The weathers getting warmer, the snows finally melting, businesses are picking up and just around the corner its prom time again!  In the limousine industry we see a large increase in work and transfers along with the warm weather, this is due to three events; weddings, vineyards and proms.  Although first and foremost All Star Limousine is an executive car service we still do lots and lots of weddings and when the season comes around we take care of the graduates too.  Limousines for prom are not like any other event however as a certain amount of care and attention go into these transfers.


A quick word to the parents; get involved.  I cannot stress how important it is to involve an adult or guardian when it comes to booking transportation for your prom.  Limousines can be expensive, especially if you need a larger vehicle and you need it for a long time, which is most often the case with proms.  A parent needs to explain the stipulations and guidelines to their children and their friends this way the severity and seriousness of these things is reinforced by a recognized authority figure.  A parent should also be involved so there is someone responsible dealing with the money.  Its not that your children aren’t capable its just that they made not be used to dealing with an arrangement such as this where large sums of money and contracts are involved.


Our priority is the safety of your children and second to that is making sure they have a good time.  We cannot condone any kind of substance abuse during these trips, it is much more of a liability for All Star Limousine then it is to the kids involved.  Our name and reputation, along with our insurance and the driver’s license, are all at risk in regards to making any kind of exception to the aforementioned rules. 


Ultimately this is a great time of year, the snow is melting, people are celebrating momentous events and businesses are making money.  Prom for many in their young lives is a huge occasion and at All Star we completely understand.  We guarantee the kids will have an incredible time and they will be safe in our vehicles and with our chauffeurs.


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by Jarrad Kulick