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Dec 23, 2015

All year long we look forward to the Holidays.  No matter what holiday you celebrate the beginning of winter signals a time of celebration.  We spend time with our friends and family who we don’t get to see so often and we look anew at those that we see everyday.  We wrack our brans and our wallets trying to find that special gift for that special someone in a futile attempt to top last year’s home run.  The next time your out braving the traffic clogged streets try and remember what the season for giving is really all about.


Often times we get caught up in the mad rush of the holiday season.  Careening through over crowded shopping malls and blaring on your horns as we inch through congested streets.  We glare hatefully at the driver of the Ford Taurus who wouldn’t let us merge over, and we gesture wildly at the elderly couple that is taking too long to make their way across the parking lot.  We fight tooth and nail for the last Tickle Me Elmo, and we yell in triumph as we snatch the last Frozen Elsa doll from the weak hands of a 4 year old.  If you think I’m exaggerating a quick Google search of Black Friday will tell you that unfortunately I am not. 


I implore you to try and remember what the holidays are supposed to be about.  Peace on earth and goodwill towards men they say in the song.  Think of your family of course but try and think about the strangers that cross your path every day.  Think about those that may have less then you and may really be struggling this Holiday season.  The driver of the Taurus may be occupied trying to figure out how she’s going to buy that one toy for her little girl this Christmas and still pay the cable bill, she may not have even seen you trying to get over.  The old man and women might be taking so long to cross the street because she just got out of the hospital.   You never know what other people are going through, hopefully their lives are just fine but it never hurts to keep the spirit of the season and smile at that stranger taking too long at the cash register.  If we all extended each other the same courtesies and considerations imagine the world we would have.


So even though we look forward to the holidays all year long lets make sure we remember what they are really all about.  You will never know what’s going on in that stranger’s life but be the hand that helps instead of the hand that hurts.  Keep the spirit of the season and witness as the world changes around you.  Happy Holidays!


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