The Journey Part VI


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Feb 18, 2015

The Journey Part VI


At this point John used All Star as a selling point with some of his clients promising them top shelf transportation whenever it was required.  John went so far as to accompany some of his bigger clients on site visits to All Star Limousine, showing them the facility and telling stories of his personal experience with the transportation company.


John and his family grew along side All Star Limousine and All Star Limousine grew along side John and his family.   Soon it was their young daughters sweet sixteen, john was nervous about his baby girl growing up but when it came time for his daughters big day he put his trust in his favorite limousine company.  Even though All Star Limousine was primarily an international executive car service and a wedding transportation company it did not stop them from servicing their loyal clients daughter on that special day.


John was further relieved when he saw all the paperwork that had to be filled out and all the steps and precautions that All Star took when it came to servicing a group of underage individuals.  They also had special drivers for this, gentlemen that knew how to handle large groups of young men and women and who knew how to check bags and make sure that the kids had fun but were well behaved.


To Be Continued...