The Art Of Client Acquisition And Retention


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Apr 21, 2015

The Art of Client Acquisition and Retention



A successful business only becomes successful because of its customers.  The struggle for so many companies is first attaining these customers and then retaining them, people have written books on the subject, people have spent their lives researching the subject, I am going to summarize the best way to get and retain customers in a page.  Actually the page is going to embellish two simple sentences.  Have a good product, the tell people about it.  Overly simplified?  Arrogantly stated?  I have no wish to simplify a very complex problem nor do I want my words to be taken as over-confident or pompous.   I will explain.


The best way to get customers and to keep them is to have something that they want, something that is in some way better then the competition.  Tell the truth about this product or service, do not exaggerate or manipulate because with a good product you won’t need too and chances are people will see right through you.  Today people are much more informed then they were 20 years ago, the days of selling ice to Eskimos are over.  People have a need and they will find a way to satisfy that need. 


Most customers will research a product or service before they purchase it.  During this research your product needs to be somewhere where they can learn about it.  It does not necessarily need to be on the first page of Google (not that this doesn’t help) but there needs to be a way for people to find you.  You need to tell people about your product, if its good or better in some way just tell them the truth or show them.   Once you satisfy someone’s need and you show them they can trust you, you have just found a customer for life.  They will tell their friends and family and if they ever need your services again they will be happy to be able to skip all the research.  The method in which you tell people about the product will affect how fast the company grows, this is a problem many companies face but it is a subject for another blog.


So there it is in a nutshell, want to get customers and keep them?  Have a good product and tell people the truth about it.  It really is that simple, the days of trickery and manipulation are long gone, people are smarter these days and they will find you and the truth about you.  


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